I'm in Love

Yes, it's true...there's someone new in my life.

For all my talk about simplifying and cutting back, I found myself powerless to resist the iPhone.  Unnecessary as it may be, this baby has rocked my world.  It was love at first sight.

Even Jeremy, who insisted repeatedly that we had no need for smartphones is a bit in love.  In fact, as I type, he is busy searching out places we'll probably never visit using Google Earth.  I keep telling him he can do that on the laptop, but it seems to be much more entertaining on my phone.  

As for me, I am loving the nerdy goodies like Words with Friends, the CNN app, NPR, and of course, the Facebook app.  I'm so exciting.
So, all my smartphone-savvy friends...what are your favorite must-have apps?

Oh, and by the way, my ever-frugal hubby, who was so against the idea of spending more money on smartphones when we already pay for home internet, is seriously considering a visit to the Verizon store tomorrow to get a new baby of his own.  Which is good, because if he doesn't hand mine over, things could get ugly around here!  : )


  1. We just got iphones yesterday and I think I'll have to have my kids teach me how to use it. lol The really sad thing is that my previous phone was so old that the salesman laughed when I gave it to him to transfer my contacts. LOL

  2. Thanks for linking up! I now remember this post - why didn't I comment?

    Have you found your life to be more or less simplified with your new love? :)


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