A post in which I don't talk about my children (!)


A sweet blogging friend tagged me for the Blog of Substance Award this week, so apparently I'm all deep and thoughtful and stuff.  That's what it means, right?  HA!

Lately I have felt like I am doing good to put together a coherent sentence when I sit down in front of my computer, much less producing anything meaningful.  I can, however, tell you 7 things about me that you may or may not know...

1.  I have issues with confrontation.  I hate awkward conversations, particularly when someone is upset with me.  I am even worse at confronting someone with my feelings.  I am more the type to let an issue fester and gripe to my family incessantly until I just can't stand myself anymore and I eventually just have to get over whatever it was that made me angry in the first place.  Healthy, right?   

2.  However, this week I conquered my fear and told someone how I felt about her actions recently.  I didn't really mean to do it...it just came pouring out when I opened my mouth.  We work together on a church thing and she has really been letting me down a LOT lately, and I just couldn't take another excuse.  She has emailed our group with an explanation that was obviously meant mostly for me, but I haven't responded yet.  I'm still getting my thoughts together and trying not to say SUCK IT UP, WE ARE ALL BUSY, WE ALL HAVE THINGS WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH.  I don't think that would be the best option for this situation, do you agree?

3.  I have been reading a ton lately, and it feels SO good.  Even on the busiest of days when there are countless things left to do, slipping in a little reading time before bed instantly relaxes me.  I have been reading a book every 3-4 days lately, a trend I fully intend to continue through the summer.

4.  In preparation for the lighter, more carefree days of summer, I have been reading a lot of Young Adult (YA) novels lately.  There is a feeling of nostalgia in reading about first kisses and first crushes and all the teenage drama that seems a lifetime away from this life of keeping house, working a real job, and raising children.  Besides, reading about high school life from a point safely beyond the awkwardness of those years is certainly preferable to actually experiencing it.  

5.  Speaking of high school...You could not pay me enough money to want to return to high school.  I didn't hate it while I was there...I mean, I had some pretty awesome friends (many of whom are still in my life today), but I just didn't know that everything didn't have to be so complicated.  I really didn't know who I was or who I wanted to be in high school, but in college it all just fell into place. 

6.  My little sister graduates from college on Saturday, and I couldn't be more proud of her.  She will be going to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the fall to work for Campus Outreach.  She's going to be an amazing influence on everyone she meets down there, and I am praying that the experience is everything she wants it to be.  I wish she was coming back a little closer to home, but I have faith she will end up where she is meant to be.

7.  I am not going down for her graduation (6 hours is a bit much for the girls and me right now!), but I will be spending a lot of time with my lovely sister soon...we leave for our cruise in NINE DAYS!!  

I really stink at the "tagging seven people" part of these things, especially since I've seen several people sharing their 7 things lately.  But if you haven't, and you're reading here, consider yourself tagged and share away!  I love reading random facts about other people.

And...in preparation for my hefty reading list on the cruise, tell me what is the best thing you've read lately??


  1. Love your post - somehow I guessed you don't like confrontation :)

    Why though? Are you scared they won't like you afterwards? :)

    I need to go check my motherstyles post but did you ever tell me your style. I bet you're an F.

    Here is the post http://www.the123blog.com/2010/11/some-motherstyles-fun.html - if you tell me yours, I'll update it.

    And Motherstyles is the best book I've read over the last year.

    For holidays I like Sheila O'Flanagan, Cathy Kelly, that type of thing. Or The Painted House - John Grisham - have you read? So different from his others and I LOVED it.

  2. What are you reading? I'm in a funk, and love YA. =)

  3. have you ever read david sedaris? he is HI.Lar.I.Ous! he does short stories that are quick reads. i would start with me talk pretty one day or naked. :)

    and yay for your 7 things. i hate tagging people, too. i was soooo slow at work on tuesday that i just *did* it in order to have SOMEthing to do :)lol

  4. I have a lot in common with your items. I'm not a big fan of confrontation, but I've been getting better at it over time. I do often need some cooling off thought time before I respond to things, so I don't make it into a mess. And I hated high school too. I think I knew who I was, but everyone around me was so messed up, it was very frustrating. I had some good friends, but didn't fit into any of the "cliques" and really didn't want to.

  5. arg. i think blogger ate my comment!.
    :) i HATE HATE HATE confrontation. hate it. good for you with standing up for yourself, though :)


  6. I love y.a. books...I'm currently reading (and completely enthralled with) The Hunger Games series...my sister just accused me of actually being a teenager, but I'm not.

    Hate confrontation with family, but am pretty good about it with Husband and co-workers (when I used to work)...


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