Cell Phone Picture Randomness

Cleaning out the many months' worth of pictures on my phone...

Addison is so trendy, right?  I love this one because it's from a day when just the two of us went shopping...note the single umbrella stroller!

The girls and their new friend Esther, who is part of a group of children from Uganda who recently visited the college where I teach.  It was A & M's first time to see a live performance (the children sang and danced), and they LOVED it.  They were absolutely silent through each song, then would shout Again! during the applause.

From quite awhile ago, obviously, but they are riding the firetruck at Wal-Mart...a favorite Saturday afternoon activity.

Addison, sharing an ice cream cone with her daddy.

Mackenzie, looking so stylish on the way to her birthday party.

Mackenzie, again.  She's one fashionable little girl.

A tricycle built for two.

Mackenzie's silly picture face

Addison, during a serious "mommy" phase.  We diapered those stinkin' teddy bears at least 30 times a day.

Making their daddy proud with their love for lawn and garden equipment.

The tree that fell on my neighbor's house in last week's storms.  Luckily, it only hit the carport and the very edge of the house.  Unluckily, they had just put their house on the market three days prior to the storms. 

Three and a half years later, my degrees are finally on the wall of my office, thanks to Jeremy having them framed for Christmas.  I feel so official!

If you happened to stop by our house on a weekend afternoon, there's a very good chance you might find Addison and Mackenzie in a random selection of clothing.  Here we have Addison sans pants and wearing her winter snow boots.  Mackenzie has chosen to keep her pants and to top off her ensemble with a brown knit hat and the liners from her snow boots.

Life is crazy...but I sure do love it!


  1. Cuteness! Love the sunglasses.

    Connor would be jealous of the mowers and Kendra would be jealous that you let them change outfits lots of times a day. ALready we have the "nooooo" when she wants to wear something else.

  2. These are too adorable!!! I should do this, but I am WAY too lazy!

  3. Those pictures are so cute! I love their sense of fashion :) LOL

  4. omg. super cute :)

    ....our kids LOVE to play with the diapers. wonder if they would diaper their elmo dolls or something? hmmm....

  5. also: i totally nominated you for a blog award. b/c you're awesome. no pressure :)


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