Confession:  I have never been a big fan of Halloween.  Even as a child, it just wasn't really my thing.  I didn't put a whole lot of thought into costumes...it was usually something we threw together pretty quickly.  The candy was nice, of course, and we always carved a pumpkin when I was little, but we didn't do much trick-or-treating.  I do remember the Halloween carnivals that our middle school used to put on (they're all called "fall festivals" these days, apparently), and I really enjoyed the games, food, and prizes there.  But Halloween itself?  Meh...I can take it or leave it.

It may come as no surprise then, that I don't get carried away on costumes, etc. for the girls either.  Last year, they just wore the Alabama and Auburn cheerleader outfits they already had.  This year, I kept looking at Minnie Mouse costumes (since they watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse most mornings while I get ready for work), but they were over $20 each.  Multiply that times two, and that's over $40...a little much for this not-really-into-Halloween mama!

I ended up ordering mouse ears online for under $10 total.  I added the pink bows, paired them with polka dot dresses already in the girls' closets, tied on a ribbon belt ($2.50 for the ribbon)...and behold, we have Minnie Mouse!

Happy Halloween!

Mackenzie was NOT feeling these pictures, but Addison was posing perfectly.  Typical...they can never behave at the same time, right??


This was our first Halloween in the new house, as well as the first Halloween the girls would semi-understand.  Our neighborhood is one of the larger established neighborhoods centrally located in town, so it usually gets tons of trick-or-treaters.  We took the girls to my dad's and a couple of friends' houses, then came back to hang out on our front porch and hand out candy.  It worked out well, and Addison and Mackenzie had fun waving at all the kids coming down the street.  They didn't pay much attention to the costumes themselves, but I was relieved they weren't scared by them.

We had a fun night hanging out with family...


eating (a little) candy...



balancing on the porch railing...

Pretty in pink

and climbing steps...


before finally crashing at the end of a great Halloween night!

Long day


  1. Goodness their costumes are ADORABLE!!! WAY cuter than the store bought ones!!

    Glad you had a great Halloween.

  2. You are VERY creative and resourceful - my type of mom :)

    they are cute as anything and I love the last picture of them passed out!

  3. Love the costumes! They're precious, and I really love that you pieced them together and got something so darn cute! :) :) And what a sweet picture at the end of the day!

  4. Very good! You got me beat...we skipped it this year lol!
    I never liked Halloween either. Wasn't my thing, and I just don't have a piece of me that wants to dress up. My husbands the same way. Throw that in with 2 little girls that couldn't care less, along with moving...SKIPPED! ;)

  5. Noooooooo! That last picture is the best one!!!

    Not that the girls aren't adorable (because they are), but a picture where they're both sleeping on you??? Love it!

  6. Awwww, so cute. Love how they look.

  7. CUTE outfits! Well done! :)

  8. i don't really like halloween either! but those costumes are totally adorable! and how easy! :)

  9. They looked SO cute!! Good job, Momma! I bought our costumes used on eBay for $40 and sold them on Halloween day for $30 (one of my FB friends just HAD to have them!) So like you, I was only out $10! Yay for us!

  10. Oh wow... they looked adorable in those costumes and especially all cuddled up in that last picture!


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