Family of Four

It has been 19 months now since our family doubled in size from two to four.  You would think the fact that we are now a family of four might have sunk in by now, right?  I realized the other day that maybe it hasn't yet.

The girls' MDO program is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and we received a note about t-shirts they are selling to mark the occasion.  I, for one, can never have enough long-sleeved t-shirts, so I knew we would be ordering.  As I filled out that order form, I noticed how quickly the numbers added up:

2 adult long-sleeve shirts @ $13.00 each=$26.00
2 kids' t-shirts @ $10.00 each=$20.00

Total cost of commemorative MDO shirts for this family of four:  a whopping $46.00!

For some reason, spending almost $50 just to outfit our family in t-shirts really brought home the fact that we are really and truly a family of four.

I think we need to be hitting up all the places that give free admission to kids under two...because once we have to start paying four admission fees, we could go broke in a hurry!! 

Shopping the sales
Mackenzie is getting a head start on saving money by shopping the sale papers.  (She was fascinated by the WalMart ad a couple of weeks ago!)


  1. Yup, it's crazy expensive!
    My girls love looking at the Sunday ads with me too...they end up totally trashing the living room, but it's still cute. ;)

  2. Yeah, is crazy and expensive.

  3. I feel your pain! It adds up very quickly!!!

  4. It is so expensive! Plus, are you still amazed that you have twins? I know I am, 2 years later! About the LeapFrog lap top things...my girls like anything for about a day. Then it just becomes a random thing that they pull out every once in a while. They are cute though because you can personalize them. I would recommend them if your girls will sit still and look at something for more than say, 10 minutes.

  5. lol. i have that same picture. seriously. the same seat, the kid looking at the ads. when the kids were little, like 5 months, we used to put them in their chairs to get them used to sitting in them and i would give them ads and old mail to "look" at :)

    and when did everything get so expensive???


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