One Heck of a Week

Is it bad that I am actually glad to be at work today?? 

I guess winter is almost here...the temperature is now (mostly) below 70 degrees, and we had our first round of cold/cough this past week.  It started on Friday a week ago, when Mackenzie was sounding pretty hoarse and had a tight, raspy cough.  By Saturday afternoon, she was pretty miserable.  Saturday night was the first of several nights I spent with a child in my bed over the last week.  Saturday night would also be the first of several nights Jeremy would have to spend on the couch (though he's used to that by now.  Ha ha...just kidding, honey!).

I stayed home from church with Mackenzie Sunday morning, and she spent a large part of the day sleeping on my lap.  It was a bit of a welcome break to let Jeremy take over my Sunday school class and do the lesson for the week, but by the afternoon, I was ready to get out of the house for awhile.  Luckily, my mom stayed with Mackenzie while Jeremy, Addison, and I went to lunch with some family.  Poor Mackenzie was still pretty sick on Monday, Jeremy's day off, so she got to stay with him and get some extra daddy snuggles.  By Tuesday she was better, but still stayed out of school to be sure.  Addison was fine through Mackenzie's sickess, and I was hoping and praying she wouldn't get it.

In a bit of last-minute arranging, the girls ended up spending the night with Jeremy's mom on Wednesday night, since she had already agreed to keep them on Thursday.  I was off for Veteran's Day and wanted to do some browsing for Christmas (I say browsing because I am terrible at actually buying anything this early!).  She reported that Addison had a little bit of a fever during the night, but was okay after some Tylenol.  When I got there to pick them up Thursday afternoon, I knew Addison was starting to feel awful.  She had the same raspy cough, and I began to plan for round two of sick baby weekend.

Jeremy was kicked out of bed for another three nights this weekend, as every time Addison woke up, she would cough and cry, and I just couldn't get up every hour or so and rock her back to sleep.  I was off Friday, so I stayed with Addison all day while Mackenzie got to go play by herself at my mom's.  Saturday, Mackenzie and I went to a birthday party while Addison stayed with her daddy to rest.  I stayed home from church for the second week in a row, with the opposite sick little girl.  Mackenzie probably thinks she could get used to living like an only child and getting all the attention!

Addison seems to be on the mend today, though I'm afraid she might be getting an ear infection.  She slept in her crib last night for the first time since Tuesday night, so I'm hoping she is feeling better and maybe won't have to go to the doctor.  We decided this week that Mackenzie is definitely the better patient...she pretty much just wants to be held and rocked.  My Addie-bug, on the other hand, doesn't quite know what she wants when she feels bad, and therefore, no one is happy.  She whines and cries and points and gives you her sad-eyed look..it's just pitiful.  After several hours of trying to comfort her and/or get her to go to sleep on Saturday night, I was just about ready to lose my mind.  It was after TEN P.M. when she FINALLY laid down to sleep...and this is the child who is normally asleep by 7:30 at the latest.  Then, she was up at 11:00, 1:30, 3:00, and so on.

This week was a very cruel reminder of what sleep-deprivation feels like.  I'm hoping not to have another one anytime soon!

Needless to say, the last week or so has been quite rough, and I am not sure when I will feel caught up again.  The house is an absolute wreck, laundry is piled everywhere, and I can't find a spare inch of kitchen counter space.  When my girls are sick, though, everything else just has to wait.  Unfortunately, the laundry will still be there next week. 

Everyone has asked me what I want for Christmas this year, and I really have no good answer.  But I'm thinking maybe they could all chip in and pay for me to have a housekeeper for the next year??  Please? 

How was your weekend?  Hopefully better than mine!


  1. You poor thing!! I hope Mackenzie is feeling better and things get back to normal quickly! I was sick (understatement) all weekend!!

    Our beanbags are from Target ($20)! The girls LOVE them! And when they're not on them, I'm laying on one with my feet propped up on the other one! But if they see me getting too comfy (with my eyes closed), they make me get up :( They have the pottery barn chairs, too, but prefer the (much cheaper) beanbags!

  2. Sounds horrible...I'm so sorry and I hope you get out from under this really soon.

    Sleeping with sick kids is one of my least favorite activities/obligations. I can't stand it and get no sleep...for some reason, Husband can sleep through most of it.

  3. Ohhh I sure hope thing clear up quickly for you! It's so miserable when their sick!

  4. Shame, Deanna - poor little babies :)

    I think if they're still not 100% this weekend, it's J's turn to babysit so you can get some Word :)

    (ignore the bossiness)

  5. Sorry that your girls haven't been well...my girls have also had runny noses and coughs...not fun!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...so glad to have you reading again!

  6. Ava started getting a fever yesterday. I hate it when she is sick. She is better today.

    I have a idea for your Christmas gift...a spa day!!! LOL Adam got me that last year and it was SO awesome.


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