Family & Football

Well, we survived the Thanksgiving holiday, and I can still fit into my jeans.  That's always a plus, right?  Our church served over 800 people this year, and as always, it was a huge blessing to be involved in serving our community that way.  It was a long day for most of us, but fun getting to spend time with family and friends. 

We were able to get a rare family photo with at least two of us looking at the camera.  (Of course, it was the two adults in the picture...but hey, we take what we get!)

Happy Thanksgiving

The girls and I were tired and still feeling a little run down after being sick over the last week, so we ended up skipping Thanksgiving with Jeremy's family.  (Did I mention that both girls have been sick again?  Mackenzie officially had an ear infection and probably Addison too.  I had the stomach virus.  Misery!!)  He was at work and I would have had to drive back with two very ill kids by myself, and I just couldn't face it.

Instead, we spent the evening hanging out with my family, watching the CNN Heroes special (we're nerds) and being entertained by two silly, slightly over-stimulated girls.

L & D



I was a bit surprised that Addison and Mackenzie went to bed without too much of a fight, since everyone was still here and their routine was pretty off.  The bigger surprise came this morning, though, when Mackenzie slept until 8:40 and Addison slept until 9:15!!  That's the latest they have EVER slept...and it was heavenly.

I am not nearly hard-core enough to face the Black Friday crowds, so getting out to shop this morning was never a possibility for me.  I did see a tv at Wal Mart that Jeremy and I wanted for our bedroom.  It was a really good price, so I decided to see if I could get it online.  I set my alarm for 2:15 a.m., when I got up and logged on to check.  A little surprisingly, I completed a very simple and easy transaction and my bargain tv should be on my doorstep sometime this week!  I was back in bed by 2:45...mission completed.

Today was a big day for this 'house divided'.... the Alabama vs. Auburn game was this afternoon.  Unfortunately, the results were not so good for my side of the household (in other words, Alabama lost), but at least the Auburn fan is at work tonight!  : )  And Roll Tide anyway!! 


Unfortunately, I guess their expressions make sense...

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I can't stand to even get on Facebook on Saturdays (or Fridays, in this case) during college football season.  People get so mean and rude over their teams.  I'm a fan and all, but I try to avoid conflict on Facebook...after all, these people are supposed to be my friends, you know?  Maybe it's a southern thing?  Ah well...in just over a month, it will all be over for another year!

Happy weekend!


  1. That colour looks fantastic on you, Deanna!

    Sorry to hear you're still not well.

    Funny (!) last night I did homemade burgers for our supper and must be the oil but I was up twice last night with diarrhoea. Had to take an imodium.

    Anywayyyyyyyyyy, glad you got your TV (that's my type of shopping - fast) and your blog looks beautiful!!! Did you do it yourself?

  2. Your girls look SO CUTE in their cheerleader outfits (even the Auburn one :) )!!!

    So glad it sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving overall.

    We had a really hectic three days, and it's SO GOOD to be home, but it was great to be in Sweet Home Alabama to see everyone. And my favorite part - aside from family - was going out to breakfast on Friday morning and seeing everyone in their "colors". I just love that atmosphere!

    And AMEN to the Facebook comment! We actually taped the game as we were driving home on Friday afternoon. I certainly didn't want to get on FB, as I knew I would learn who won the game...but I haven't even gone back to see any comments from yesterday. No, thanks! :)

    ROLL TIDE anyway! Hope you have a restful rest-of-the-weekend!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family! Great picture.

    Amen on the FB thing!
    I mean seriously, I am all about being a fan & loving your team but there are some people out there that are about to get deleted. Who wants to read about getting excited when a QB gets hurt. Roll Tide and there is always next year.

  4. I feel the same way you do about Facebook. It gets on my last nerve.

  5. what a cute little family picture. :) and i love the new layout! very festive.

    i hate facebook most of the time right now. my football team isn't doing too well and most people blame the coach. i think he should get another year with the team, but i'm in the minority for sure. at any rate, i can't take the chatter on fb about it. makes me almost want to delete the account :)

  6. Great pics! And at on the one where the adults are looking in the camera? Your lucky the babies are looking forward! i have so many pics of DH holding the babies and one of them is looking over his shoulder!!!

  7. Is that first picture at your house? I love love LOVE the cross collection!

    (Mel and Jess JUST noticed that we have a couple of crucifixes up in the house, even though we put them up before they were born!)

  8. 800 people??? Wow! Good for you!

    What a game that was! They look so cute in their cheer outfits too!


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