I intended to write a post today on some of the sleep issues going on in our house lately.  It's not been too bad, just lots of middle-of-the-night wakings from Mackenzie, who also manages to wind up in our bed around 5:00 a.m. every morning.  I don't know what is going on...molars?  Bad dreams?  Separation anxiety?

I read a story this morning, though, that puts all our daily issues (or non-issues) into true perspective.  I saw a link to a story about a little girl who just passed away from cancer.  I don't always click over to read more, because sometimes, I just can't handle the sad stories.  When I saw that this little girl has a twin sister, I knew I had to read. 

Little Ellie passed away on Wednesday this week, after a battle with a rare form of pediatric cancer.  She leaves behind a beautiful twin sister, Grace.  You can see her story and some sweet pictures that absolutely broke my heart on her CaringBridge site.  I am so sad for Ellie's parents and her sister, and I just can't imagine the pain they are feeling right now.  It just seems so unfair, so wrong, for a parent to have to explain to her 8-year-old daughter that she will be going to live with Jesus and wait for her family in Heaven.  Grace shouldn't have to live the rest of her life missing her twin.

I happened to notice on the site that tomorrow, just after the time of Ellie's memorial service, many people are planning to release pink and white balloons in honor of Ellie.  I think we may go find some balloons in the morning and send them up to this sweet little girl.  If you would like to join, the balloon release is planned for 1 p.m. Eastern time.

"He tends his flock like a shepherd; He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart." --Isaiah 40:11

Tonight, I will remind myself to be thankful for my strong, healthy girls.  I will remember how quickly things can change, and that none of us are guaranteed another day on this Earth.  If my children were sick, or if I felt I didn't have much time left with them, would I care that they woke me up in the middle of the night?  Absolutely not!  I would gladly sit in that rocking chair with my babies nestled in my lap, rocking and singing, breathing in every ounce of them for as long as I was able.  When my Mackenzie-girl wakes me up tonight, as she surely will, I will grab those little outstretched arms and be glad that her lungs are healthy enough to stir me from a deep sleep.  I will be thankful that she is strong enough to cling to me and I will hold her and thank God for all the days He gives me with my sweet girls.

Sorry for the morose post today, but I just can't get this family off my mind this morning.  I am taking Addison and Mackenzie to McDonald's to play on the indoor playground (yay airconditioning!) this afternoon, so I'm sure that will brighten my mood some!  We haven't been to play since they started walking more steadily, so I'm excited to see how they like it.  I have so much fun watching those girls learn to walk...they lurch around like little drunks, but they are getting much better at it very quickly!  I have to get video soon, before they can run away.  : )


  1. I read Ellie's story an is so sad. I don't understand why things like that pass to a kid.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. i won't even click over - those posts are way too sad for me.

    But yes, I often think of people less fortunate and I know i am SO blessed to even have kids to cuddle at night.

  3. I'm in tears. As a twin, I cannot imagine losing a twin sibling, and as a mom... speechless. Thanks for sharing. There are a number of caringbridge sites that I'm following and thankfully, got some great news on a family with 24 week twins yesterday!


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