Growing Up

When the girls were born, my mom almost immediately called a local church to put them on the waiting list for a Mother's Day Out program.  My sister had attended this program as a child, and mom thought it would be a good opportunity for Addison and Mackenzie too, if we could swing it financially.  We laughed and joked with mom about wanting to give up her "new job" of keeping the girls so soon.  She wisely realized that she would be in need of a bit of a break by the time they were ready to attend, but for so long it seemed like it would be forever before they would be big enough to enroll in the program.

I officially registered them last week.

Addison and Mackenzie will start "school" in August.

How the heck did that happen so fast?!

A couple of months ago, I got a call saying there would be spots available for the girls in August.  At first I was thinking there was no way they would be ready by then.  They weren't even close to walking at the time, and they still seemed like babies in so many ways.  I could not imagine sending my babies off to nursery school to hold their own against much bigger toddlers who might push them down on the playground and steal their toys.  (Because no toy-stealing ever happens in this house.  Never.  HA!)  So, yes, I was a little carried away and being the over-protective-my-babies-can't-be-growing-up mama.

As I talked a little more with the director, I grew a more comfortable with the situation.  Realistically, I knew the girls wouldn't be running around with three-year-olds (I grew up in daycare; I know how these things work), but it helps to have a better idea of the setup and the way classes are run.  There will be 12 one-year-olds, who will then be divided into two even smaller groups.  They will basically do the same things they do now-music, playtime, projects, lunch, snack, and nap-but with the added benefit of the socialization with other kids. 

In my pre-registration panic mode, I also failed to estimate just how quickly the girls will change over these next few months.  They are both now taking steps and are getting stronger in their walking every day.  They are also quickly becoming more advanced in their play--sharing toys, playing rudimentary "games", etc.  I've noticed the last couple of weeks that leaving them in the nursery at church is getting slightly easier, particularly for Addison.  She is playing as soon as I put her down and hardly even notices I'm leaving.  Even more encouraging, at a birthday party this weekend, they were eager to play with the other kids and seemed to really have a good time.  They used to shy away and cling to us in social situations, so it excited me to see them joining in so easily. 

They're ready.

I am trying to be ready too.


  1. Wow- big step! They will LOVE it. And I'm pretty sure you'll love the quiet time too!

  2. This is a huge step, but it will be so great for you girls!

    One of my worries whenever I think about staying home instead of working is how I'd meet the socialization needs of my girls. Daycare has been a fantastic fit for them, although it's not for everyone. It's so much fun to watch Jess foster her close relationships and Melody be the social butterfly. They're both outgoing, but differently.

  3. How exciting! I'm sure they will do great!

    Isn't it crazy how fast they go through the stages from babies to toddlers?!? It's like we woke up one day and didn't have babies anymore :(

  4. Big, big step and I know they are going to be fine and enjoy it.

  5. So crazy!!! Mine are starting this Fall in a 2's program...I can't wait!

  6. BIG STEP!!! It will be so good for them...and you.

  7. I also can't believe it - weren't they just babies the other day?!

    Your mother is wise though.

    Do they stay the whole day, and what's a "day" in hours?

    Here typically when kids start going they can do a full day if parents work full-time or otherwise just about 4 hours.

    Mine will probably go in Jan 2012 :)

  8. Hey where are you sending the girls?

  9. Nicole--they are going to the Presbyterian church. It's Tues., Wed., Thurs. 9-2. They have a great program!

  10. You can do it Mama, I know it's hard to let go but it will be good for them. Hang in there.


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