28 and 14 Months

I've been wanting to post for several days, but our internet has been very spotty at home, and I was just never able to get it done. I've been off work several days lately, and really, I've enjoyed spending time with my family and being extremely lazy after the girls go to bed. My Kindle has seen a lot of use lately, as I am very absorbed in Pride and Prejudice (free on Kindle!). Somehow I missed out on this one in school. It's much better than some of the other classics we read (for example- The House of Seven Gables). What is your favorite classic book? Least favorite?

Jeremy and I both turned 28 in the last couple of weeks.  We are pretty low-key birthday people, but we did do our favorite form of celebration--EAT!  We grilled with our families on Jeremy's birthday, then went to Red Lobster this weekend with my best friend for our birthdays.  Jeremy went to a class for work last week and got to be home at night, so at least I got to see him on my birthday.  We are more than ready for him to move to a day-shift position.

Last year around this time I wrote this post, describing our lives at the time.  I went back and read it to see how far we've come in a year, and whew!  Can I just say I'm so glad to be where we are now, as opposed to where we were then?  It's fun looking back at those pictures of my tiny, sweet babies and remembering how they loved to snuggle on my chest as we all three napped on the couch.  But then I can't help remembering the emotions and the stress and the exhaustion of those days, and I'm just thankful to be in the fun stage we're in now.

14 Months

These little girls turned 14 months old last week, and they are growing and changing every day.  They are constantly in action, so my monthly photos may get worse and worse as it gets harder to entice them to sit still for thirty seconds.

The big news this week is that Mackenzie is taking steps on her own!  Yep, before long I will have two official walkers.  (Lord, help us.)  Addison is taking steps too, but they are more like lunges because she hasn't really mastered the concept of balancing in a standing position yet.  She is getting there, though, and I have a feeling they will both be walking by 15 months.

We had our first biting incident a couple of weeks ago.  Addison leaned over in the bathtub to give Mackenzie "love" by kissing her on the arm.  Mackenzie's eyes got very big and she started wailing.  Addison sat up, and we saw a little round imprint on Mackenzie's upper arm.  And so it begins...

The only other incident was a bitten finger this weekend.  I sat Addison in the chair and said "No" very sternly.  I made her sit there for about a minute or so, and she seemed to understand that she was not allowed to get down. 

Any tips on disciplining one-year-olds?  I always take their arm and look them in the eye when I say "no", but sometimes we need something that makes a little more impact.  I have swatted a hand once or twice, but since one of the main discipline problems is going to be them hitting each other, I don't want to rely on that method.  How do you make a one-year-old understand that it's okay for Mama to swat your hand, but it's not okay to do it to your sister?  Oh, this parenting stuff...there just aren't any easy answers. 

I just have to tell y'all what I got from a sweet blogger friend this weekend.  She sent me a box of clothes that her twin girls have outgrown!  Thanks to them, Addison and Mackenzie have a great head start on their fall/winter wardrobe.  Thanks again, Ashley!

As you can see from the crappy cell phone picture, the girls had lots of fun "helping" me go through the clothes.

Don't forget to leave me your classic books suggestions!  They are mostly free on Kindle, and I will take all the FREE ones I can get!


  1. So many things!
    First of all- o.m.g. looking back on any expanse of time with twins is like looking back on a lifetime! I get the same way. Unfortunately, I did not blog in those first years. I wish I had. Because my memory of all those precious moments (and the crazy ones too) are getting sketchy.
    Secondly, the biting stage. Ah, yes. I remember that one well. It is only the tip of the iceberg of twins wanting their own space. My girls are adamant about being different- Addie likes butter on her bread, Catie refuses all buttered bakery items, etc. They also have a lot of time where they are all over each other- then times when they want to be apart- far apart from each other. Try some one on one dates. Oftentimes I take one twin out grocery shopping with me on a special mommy-daughter date.
    As for biting specifically, I hate to say it- but the only that worked for us? I had to bite them back. A seasoned mother gave me that little tip. At first I thought she was crazy- but when my girls started having bite marks all over the place from each other- I had to take some initiative. It didn't take long for them to get the picture. If I remember right, it was more one girl than the other.
    Thirdly! (gosh what a long comment!) You're welcome! Do you have the same battle with keeping pajamas well stocked, too? It's crazy.
    Ok- enough of my crazy yammering.

  2. They are sooo cute!! I know what you mean about "looking" back. I miss that stage, but no way in hell do I want to go back! ;)

  3. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice as well, and loving it!! Little Women is always a favorite. I read Wuthering Heights earlier in the summer, but it was a bit too dark for my taste.

    As for discipline, I can't remember what we did at age one. Would a hard hand squeeze work?

  4. Sometimes, we missed when they were babies but I love, love, love, their age and all the things we do together.

    Happy 14 months girls!

  5. Gosh... they're looking so grown up! I bet you have walkers soon, too! FUN!

  6. Gosh, so big and so gorgeous! On the biting thing, I think it's best to do what you did do saying "No" and having them sit down for a minute. It's the beginning of timeouts, baby!

  7. Not sure if it is a classic but I think it should be - The Diary of Ann Franks.
    I have been some great books lately.. The Help is awesome, I just finished Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah.
    Your girls are precious - it is fun looking back and seeing how much things changed.

  8. Discipline at one is such a challenge! That's when we introduced 1 minute timeouts, accompanied by a firm "No". Time out at that point was simply a removal of parental attention, and my girls understood it pretty well. I'd pull out a towel or something to demarcate the timeout area, and that worked well for us.

    We found that biting was often related to teething. Frozen fruit or a wet washcloth was all the preventive it took. That being said, we had a biting incident last week, and my girls are FOUR. (Melody was very regretful and "told you a million times sorry" before we even intervened.)

  9. Oh, classics. I reread Hamlet regularly, like Great Expectations, and really like Animal Farm. Frankenstein is also an excellent read.

  10. I love that picture. They are getting so big and still so beautiful! It is bittersweet looking back, isn't it?

  11. Happy Birthday!

    We also love food - it's the only thing that we definitely do for any celebration :)

    I remember I started reading your blog after one of those honest, honest posts about how hard it is - there is NO WAY i'd ever survive that again. Very glad it's over.

    The girls were so tiny then - how sweet!

    My pastor said the only thing that helped with her daughter's biting was when she bit her back!

    Oh, I only read rubbish - no classics here :)


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