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Back while I was on vacation, Marcia tagged me to post five pictures of myself and list five things I like about myself.  Like many of us, I am usually the one behind the camera (if there's a camera present at all--I'm very forgetful), so there are not a ton of pictures of me out there anymore.  If my scanner was set up, I would find some way-back-when pictures, but these swiped off Facebook will have to do!
(If I ever do share pictures of myself on here, it's usually Jeremy and me, so I found some different ones this time.)
This is my best friend Kelly and me, showing off our baby bellies at church one Sunday morning.  I'm pretty sure I talked about this picture in a previous post, but I just love it.  Kelly and I were actually born two days apart and nearly switched in the hospital (true story...they took me to her mom to be fed.  Luckily, her mom noticed quickly that something was not right.).  Do you see resemblance between us?  My mom still jokes sometimes that she's convinced she actually had twins and they gave one to Kelly's mom!  Anyway, Kelly and I had our babies 10 weeks apart, and I love that our kids will grow up a part of each other's families.


Okay, here's one with Jeremy...it's us and my sister at a Braves game about two years ago.  I like this one because you can tell he is faking a smile and pretending to care about all the random pictures we are taking.  He loves us, even when we are silly.


This is one of my most favorite pictures ever.  It was taken at Kelly's wedding in Las Vegas in December 2006.  Jeremy was not able to go, so my sister and I had a fun girls' trip to Vegas.  She was a senior in high school at the time, and I had just gotten married the previous August.  I have had mostly short hair for years, but for some reason the grown-out cut in this picture worked for awhile.  If I could duplicate it, I would totally keep my hair that way!  I was also still rocking the post-wedding body at the time, so that helps too.  : )

This is a picture Jeremy took of me on our honeymoon in 2006.  I like this one because it reminds me of the body I had once upon a time...when certain things stayed where they were supposed to.  Ahem.  It also reminds me of our honeymoon cruise, which was probably the most relaxing week of my entire life.

And finally, my mom and me on my wedding day.  This was taken just after I finished getting ready, while we relaxed for a few minutes before everything got started.  My mom and I don't take enough pictures together, but I certainly treasure them when we do.  I love my mama!  : )

Next, I'm supposed to list five things I like about myself.  (I'm going to leave off the aforementioned body parts that no longer stay where they are supposed to, but you should know they are in the top 10...even after babies.)
  1. I am smart.  It feels a little weird, saying it so bluntly like that, but it's true.  And since this is a list of things I like about myself, I'm including it.  I have always been naturally book-smart, and school was never too much of a challenge for me.  I still love to learn, and I hope I always will.
  2. I like my hair.  Okay, even if I don't always like it, I'm grateful for it.  I have a head full of very thick hair that's still fairly manageable.  I didn't realize until the last few years what a blessing that is.
  3. I've mentioned my body-that-isn't-quite-what-it-used-to-be several times already (tired of that yet?).  I have never had a tiny, perfect body, and I've never had much semblance of a waist (it's the genes).  Overall, though, I like the fact that I eat pretty much anything I want, exercise minimally, and still stay at a relatively small and comfortable size.  (I do realize that my metabolism will likely catch up with me one day and all of that will change!)
  4. I love that I'm super-close with my family.  Is that about me?  I'm including it anyway.  My mom, sister, and I have a pretty great relationship, and we are also very close to my mom's sister and her daughter.  (My parents divorced when I was 11, and though my dad lives nearby, we are not nearly as close as my mom and me.)
  5. I like that I am a relaxed and laid-back person.  I have not always been this way, but I have changed a lot in the last several years.  I don't stress about too much anymore, and I think that trait came in very, very handy during the first year with twins!  My house may not be in a presentable state, but quality time with my family will never be lacking...and you may even find us all still in our pajamas at 3:00 pm.
I don't know who to tag, but it was pretty fun and a little challenging to come up with all this.  If you haven't shared a picture of yourself on your blog lately, consider yourself tagged.  Leave a link to your post in the comments so I can check it out!


  1. Oh, those pictures are beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous pictures and I liked learning a few things about you. Fun post!

  3. I love your pictures. It's so cool that you've know your best friend since birth and are still friends!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! And yes, being close to your family is a good thing to mention. I know I'm closer with my in-laws than my family. And Marcia tagged me too, so I've done it already!

  5. Yay! You and Sadia posting it in one day - glorious!!!

    I love your pics - LOVE the one in the blue dress.

    I've never been on a cruise but it is on my life list :)

    Isn't this fun? Now I know so much more about you.

    Totally - pj's til 3pm!

  6. I agree, I think it is awesome that you are still best friends with someone from birth, that is a very difficult thing to do to remain close through everything. Some make it and some don't. You look great in all the pictures, you should love everything about yourself!!!


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