Busy Little Bees

Thanks to the glorious spring weather, our house heated up quite nicely during the day yesterday (I'm too cheap to turn on the air just to have to switch back to heat at night!).  Since it was unusually warm in the house, I stripped the girls down to their diapers before they ate their dinner.

Is there anything cuter than soft, sweet baby skin?

serious faces

Serious faces.

Addison's sweet little smile.

This little girl is ALWAYS in motion.  (That would be Mackenzie, by the way...)

Drama Queen
My little drama queen. (Addison) 

practicing gymnastics
Practicing her stretches...I hope at least one of them likes gymnastics!

I love that where one goes, her sister soon follows.  Together from the start.

Silly girls

Tired Addison
Someone is getting sleepy.

Hard to believe my sweet girls will be a year old tomorrow!!  We plan to spend the day enjoying the sunshine and loving on our babies--who, despite their age, will continue to be "babies" for a long time to come!  : )


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girls! Deanna, they are so beautiful I love seeing pictures of them. My guys will be 2 tomorrow...and I still call them my babies :-)

    Have a fun birthday day!

  2. Happy Birthday to your adorable, sweet girls! Precious pictures!

  3. Happy Birthday girls, your gorgeous!! :)

  4. I have a drama queen here,ha.

    Happy Birthday Girls!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Have a wonderful day with your girls...they are beautiful! I remember when mine turned one...seems like forever ago, but it was only 7 months. How in the world do you get them both to look at you at the same time? I'm truly amazed by that!

  6. These pics are amazing!!!!! They are gorgeous! I hope they have a fabulous birthday!


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