Still Here

I am still here, and no, we don't have babies yet! At Monday's appointment, I was still contracting pretty much the whole time. We had an ultrasound done, and the fluid looks good on both babies. They are weighing in at 4lbs. 6oz. and 4lbs. 8oz.!! Almost 9lbs of babies in there... no wonder my belly is feeling heavy.
At Thursdays appointment, I was having fewer contractions. The doctor said we will just have to see how long I stay pregnant! Comforting, right? Every few days they stay in there makes a huge difference, so I'm setting goals a few days at a time. The 10th is three weeks from yesterday, so right now we just hope to get through this week. Then we will move on to next week. The rest of our furniture came in this weeks, so we (Jeremy, actually) will be assembling it today. The replacement crib legs for one crib are still backordered, so it looks like there will be only one crib set up for the time being. That's okay, since I was planning on letting them share at first anyway. I will be glad to have the rest of the furniture up...one less thing to worry about.
As of yesterday at 4:30, I am officially on maternity leave. I had planned to work at least another week, but with all the action over the past couple of weeks, the doctor and I decided it was time. I have lots to keep me busy, but I tend to get lazy when I stay at home too long so I will really have to work to make myself focus on getting things accomplished. There will be plenty of resting involved too, I'm sure! Everything is starting to happen so fast all of a sudden...but we're coping! : )

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