Home Stretch Blues....

Maybe "blues" is a bit strong, but it sounded like a good title, right? : )
I'm in the home stretch of this pregnancy, and it gets harder and harder every day. I've complained a lot lately, so I won't go into all the details, but I am feeling quite sorry for myself these days. There's so much I need to do, but I just don't have the energy to accomplish much at all. I have my first non-stress test (NST) today, along with a steroid injection to help the babies' lungs develop a little more quickly. I go tomorrow for the second steroid injection, then Thursday for another NST. Three appointments this week! It is my understanding that the NSTs will continue twice a week until we deliver next month, so they will be seeing my face quite a bit at the doctor's office.
Our last baby shower was Saturday, and we got lots of great things! I need to post a picture of the piles of baby gifts that are scattered all over the house. The dogs came home from my mom's yesterday, and when Petey Grace saw the big pile of stuff in the living room, she grabbed a teddy bear off the top and took off with it! She looked so happy, like she thought we had gotten her a welcome home gift. : ) I am going to pick them up some new toys this week so hopefully they won't feel as tempted to steal all the pink toys building up around here.
My goals for this week include getting all the gifts sorted and organized, and starting to wash some of the smallest outfits that the girls will wear first. Our dresser/changing table will be ordered today, as will the rocking chair, and hopefully they will both be in by next weekend so Jeremy can get them assembled. One crib is together, but we had to order a replacement leg because one of the others was cracked. It should be here any day, then both cribs will be ready! We are going to put them together in one to begin with, but I am excited to see them both up and waiting for our little girls!

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