My New (Temporary) Home

Well, the girls and I stuck it out as long as we could, but I'm writing today from the antepartum unit of Huntsville Hospital. This lovely little room will be my home until the girls make their appearance...or until they decide to move me to a different room, which I hear happens a lot.

My appointment last Monday was just fine; everything was normal, as it has been for awhile. Thursday, the monitoring was fine and the girls' heartrates were just as they should be and I was having no major contractions. My blood pressure, however, had jumped up and there were trace amounts of protein in my urine...signals of possible preeclampsia. I had some more tests done on Thursday and Friday, and when I got to my appointment yesterday, I got the news that I would be admitted to the hospital until it's time to deliver.

Basically, I'm here so my blood pressure and bloodwork can be monitored closely, since preeclampsia can escalate quickly. If that should happen, the only treatment is to deliver the babies. So the new plan is that I will lay around here for about a week and a half, and if nothing happens, Addison and Mackenzie's expected birthday is now April 8 (when I will be 36 weeks exactly). For now, I'm hanging out in the bed most of the time, catching up on some reading and watching lots of tv!

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