Mission Accomplished!

We are now one step closer to being ready to start a family. As of Friday afternoon at 5:00, we are the proud owners of an official family car! After nearly giving in and deciding to keep the gas-saving Civic for awhile, I unexpectedly got an offer I could not refuse on Friday morning. By lunchtime, I had the cash in my hand, and by 5:00 (okay, 5:01 according to the lady at the bank) I became the owner of a 2008 Honda Accord. I absolutely love the car, and Jeremy and I are both very happy with the deal we got on it.

This does not in any way mean that we are going to rush home and start praying for a baby, but having a decent-size car (read: 4-door) again is something I promised myself would be in order before we start getting ready for children. Thankfully, God was on my side with that one. I know I will never have everything in order before we have a baby-the list of things I want to have done could be endless. At least now, though, I won't panic about trying to fit a carseat in my 2-door car. :)

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