Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

In my haste to get my "100%" day going yesterday, I forgot to mention it was my sweet husband's birthday. Unfortunately, he had to spend the day and most of the night working. We celebrated this past weekend, when I gave him his present (a new gas grill) and we used it to cook dinner Tuesday night while my sister was over. I think what he's looking forward to most of all is the ice cream cake waiting in our freezer for when he has a moment to sit down and enjoy it. (I have a feeling that will happen today!) Anyway, happy birthday, Jeremy! You are officially on the downhill side of your 20s...but don't worry, I will join you there in a matter of days!

In other news, my sister and I are headed to Atlanta tomorrow for a Braves game. It's the first I've been to this year, and we are looking forward to kicking the summer off right. I wish I could see Tom Glavine pitch, but it doesn't look like that will happen tomorrow. Anyway, a Braves game, combined with a long holiday weekend (two in a row coming up, actually)...I think I can enjoy it!

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