The End is in Sight

The end of the semester is almost here. Although there were times I wondered if I would make it through, the time really did go by quickly. I gave a take-home test for the final material from the text, so they just have to turn everything in and take a short current events exam and we will be finished! This semester has definitely been a learning experience for me as an instructor, and I am actually looking forward to starting over and incorporating what I've learned. The next couple of semesters should definitely be easier, since I have notes and exams already prepared. Only teaching one course will be a bit of a relief also.

I had a long weekend this past weekend and though I had big plans to get some things accomplished around the house, I spent most of the weekend relaxing and enjoying the freedom from the aforementioned class preparation. It was actually pretty nice. I also watched Juno, which was offbeat, but good. I have been catching up on my reading this week too, which I had relunctantly been putting aside to work on school things. I read a Patricia Cornwell-style mystery over the weekend, which was enjoyable but forgettable. I started Alice Sebold's Lucky last night, and it is much more promising so far. It's nice to have time to read again, but I am also looking forward to actually being home to watch The Office on Thursday night. No online episode for me this week! Plus, that's a night Jeremy and I will both be home, so we can actually sit down and watch together. Things are definitely looking up this week.

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