The State of Affairs: March 2013

I finally got to meet Mandy and her girls in person!   We had a fantastic day in Nashville, and it was definitely one of the highlights of my month. 

We also went to a hockey game with friends, and J and I were able to have a night out with our Sunday School class.  It was nice to have dinner and a movie and lots of actual adult conversation.

It feels like things are beginning to pick up into the spring/summer busy-ness.  I needed a serious break from socializing and activities after the holiday season, and now I feel ready for spring fun.

Official Easter family picture--Hooray for the self-timer

Books read:  4 
The Dinner--Reviewed here.

Keeping Secrets in Seattle--Reviewed here.

Insurgent--Sequel to last month's Divergent, and the middle book of the series.  I have really enjoyed these two books, and I can't wait for the third to come out in the fall.  Again, if you were a fan of The Hunger Games, please read this one.

He's Gone--Pretty good; I have read the author's YA stuff, and I liked this book better.  (Review to come.)

I seem to have hit a reading rut during the second half of March.  I have read parts of at least three other books, but I just wasn't loving any of them.  It's getting better, though, and I'm about to pick up a just-for-fun YA book...always a cure for my reading slump!

LJ was home for Easter weekend!

We got new carpet!  Three years after moving in, we were finally able to replace the hideous light green carpet in the bedrooms.  It feels like a new house back there, no kidding.

As part of their birthday present, Addison & Mackenzie got new twin beds, which were delivered the day the carpet was installed.  They came home to an all-new room, and they are loving it.  (Pictures to come...eventually!)

We hosted Easter dinner at our house this year, having both my family and Jeremy's here.  It was very, very nice to be home and have everyone in one place.  Plus, they all brought food, so we pretty much only did the ham.  : )

A & M were a little sick at the beginning of the month, which is notable mostly because it is the only time they have been sick this fall/winter (knock on wood and all that superstitious jazz, of course).  It's been a good year somehow, even with the flu and stomach virus raging around us.

The running and yoga are still happening.  And of course, there's that 5k coming up in a month...still can't believe we're doing that (can you, Kelly??).  After that, I plan to run an actual 5k, with no water, mud, or foam involved.  It won't be fast, but if I can run it all I will be happy. 


  1. Deanna!!!! GORGEOUS pictures!!!

    where is your camera situated - it's the perfect height!

  2. love these pics!!! and can't wait to see the new rooms/carpet/stuff!!! :)

    and i'm going to have to read the dinner. i'll have to put it back on my library wish list! ha!! i'm getting ready to start autobiography of us! :)

  3. Oh I love that last picture! Many precious moments and things. I am at the moment yearning to replace our tiles and possibly also carpets with wood.

  4. Love the girls outfits. SO cute!!!! Such a food Family picture.


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