A Perfect Spring Weekend

This past weekend was one of those I wish I could copy and paste throughout the entire year.  It was one of those perfect weekends that we imagined when we started thinking about a family--spending time together, just hanging out and enjoying one another's company.

I ran out early to the first yard sale of the year, at the home of a friend with twin girls a year older than Addison & Mackenzie.  We just love to get a big box of new-to-us clothes!  After the yard sale, the girls and I went to a birthday party, where they had a great time running around in the morning sunshine.

When they got their fill of birthday cake, A & M were ready to come home, where they knew Jeremy was working in the yard.  As soon as we pulled in the driveway, I faced the fact that the girls would probably not be napping.  Not only was J working in the yard, but my dad was over installing a fan in the master bathroom.  Way too much distraction for little girls to want to nap!  I decided to be okay with that and to make the best of the afternoon.

Even without a nap, it was a great afternoon.  The girls alternated between watching their Paw Paw inside, helping Jeremy outside, and begging Adele (my stepmother) to push them on the swing.





Mackenzie did fall asleep for about an hour while watching Curious George, and Addison headed out to help Jeremy wash our cars.  As soon as M woke up she wanted in on that action, and they had a great time playing in the soap and water.






Sunday was the usual-- church, lunch, long afternoon nap.  We tried a brand-new restaurant for lunch, and it was a hit.  A new family joined us for lunch, which brought our kid total to FIVE (all age two and under).  It was loud, crazy, and perfect.  The kids got balloons and ice cream sandwiches with their meals, making the restaurant a new favorite in their eyes.

The more relaxing, enjoyable times like this that we have together as a family, the more sure I am that we probably won't have any more kids.  Things are just so much easier at this stage than they were a year or two ago, and I am so looking forward to all the new and fun adventures the four of us have in store!



  1. We've had some really awesome, fun, family times together over the past year, too. In particular, it seems like this spring has been full of so much fun! And it's just amazing not to have to pack for three days to go out to lunch! ;)

    I even had a good time with the girls at the mall yesterday morning. They were in their stroller, but they were so content (for over an hour!) to "shop" with me. As a reward, we walked across the parking lot (after putting the stroller in the car), to the dollar store. They each got a new puzzle. It was such a big-girl kind of morning! :)

    Love that picture of those sweet soapy feet!!!

  2. Cute!
    We went to Jeffersons too. Ava loved the balloon and Ice Cream too!!!

  3. LOVE the pics and the sounds of sweet summer fun!

    My favourite is also the soapy feet :)

    I wish we had yard sales here... then again, I need to remember my mission is to simplify and declutter LOL

  4. Love this. :) i love the idea of the days when it all just seems RIGHT.

    and those girls are too cute. love those polkadot dresses :)

  5. Sounds like perfection! Love those dresses too...Hailey had one when she was little. I miss it!


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