Bring it on, spring!

We have had a very mild winter this year, and now, all of a sudden we seem to be jumping headfirst into spring.  Flowers and trees are beginning to bloom, which is good for my soul, but not my allergies. 

With the approach of warm weather, I have been reminded yet again that my summer wardrobe is in desperate need of an overhaul.  I did a lot of cleaning out before my big yard sale last September, and the summer side of my closet is looking pretty pitiful.  I am also changing in my tastes as I get older (ugh!) and my body changes a bit.  I am learning to accept the fact that some things just won't work on me--ever--and I am moving on to things that make me feel comfortable and confident.

Here are a few things I am loving right now:

TOMS $58...I WILL own these

Old Navy $19.94

This shirt would be good for work.  Old Navy $26.00

Love this GAP dress for spring or fall $59.95

Target $22.00

Obviously I have a thing for dresses and skirts.  I wear them about 4 days a week during the summer.  That is one of the things I have come to accept:  I should not waste a lot of money on shorts or capris when I can just buy more skirts.  (Speaking of dresses, thanks for the comments on the dress in my previous post!  It came from Ross about two years ago; I'm not sure of the brand.)

I am stuck in a bit of a rut, so tell me, what is your favorite clothing store?  Seen any cute shoes lately?  What are you wearing this spring?


  1. i love that green dress!!! i love dresses and skirts, too. the funny thing? i swear, i'm short waisted or something. things with a pronounced waist don't look good on me at all. they make me look all boobs!! :)

  2. Your selection is beautiful. I agree,is important that we buy what we really use. The green dress is beautiful perfect for Easter.

  3. Deanna, I love that you decluttered so much and I love that you're buying things you LOVE and that look good on you.

    Do you know I don't own any dresses??? No, not one. We may have to go shopping for one in Charlotte!

  4. Also, love both those dresses - that black and white skirt is my favourite though. I'm 100% sure it would look good on me :)

  5. I wish I were more stylish! I'm always afraid of color on me so I own roughly 12 gray shirts! Ha!

    If they sold disposable dresses I'd be the perfect audience! I usually only buy dresses for occasions and then they are sent to the closet. I think I'll forever be a jeans/t-shirt/flips kinda girl ;/

  6. I love that B&W skirt! I got some really cute, casual things at Old Navy last spring. Between ON, Target, and GAP, that's where I shop these days. (I have a gift certificate to Talbot's that has been collecting dust for three years now...not much need for that these days...HA!)

    With this beautiful warm weather, I'm itching to do a little shopping for the girls and for me!


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