March Photo a Day: Week 1

I jumped on the photo a day bandwagon.  I had every intention of doing Rebecca's last month, but I totally failed.  Not one picture.  (Sorry, Rebecca!)

Despite my stress, I am doing much better this month.  This is the challenge I am doing for March, discovered through Instagram:

My pictures so far...

Signs of life #marchphotoaday #up
Up.  (Loving the signs of spring popping up around us.)

Weekday breakfast #marchphotoaday #fruit
Fruit.  (My usual weekday breakfast)

Neighborhood #marchphotoaday

Bedside, always a pile of discarded socks and pj pants #marchphotoaday
Bedside.  (I had to include part of the pile of discarded socks and pants that lives on my side of the bed.)

Bath time smiles, part 1
Smile, part 1 (Addison)--I cheated and used two for this day!

Bath time smiles, part 2 #marchphotoaday
Smile, part 2 (Mackenzie)

5 pm; picking up chips & queso for Mexican night #marchphotoaday
5pm (Picking up chips and queso, for our semi-weekly Mexican night at home)

Something I wore: my favorite dress (and the towel dispenser in work bathroom) #marchphotoaday
Something I wore (A current favorite dress...and yes, it was taken in the bathroom at work.  Classy!)


  1. i love these pics :) and LOVE the dress. where did you get it?

    i only wish i could get motivated enough to do one of these!

  2. Hii! :) I'm trying to get back to blogging...ive missed it! I love this! when did you start? think I can catch up with you? :)

  3. Chips and salsa...yummmmm!!!

    Love that dress!

    And kudos to you for showing us your dirty laundry! ;)

  4. Love your dress. Where did you get it? (sorry for ask)

    Happy Friday!!

  5. It's okay...I don't even think I finished my own challenge!

    I'm with everyone else. Love the dress!


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