Monday on a Tuesday

We had a great weekend, complete with an extra day off yesterday.  Friday night, the girls went to spend the night with Jeremy's parents.  We decided to go ahead and eat dinner with his family instead of going somewhere else, since every restaurant seemed to be packed.  Late Valentine's celebrations, I guess...it was ours too!

After dinner, the girls went off with their grandparents and Jeremy and I went to see The Vow.  It was...alright...some things about the characters really irritated me.  Still, it was nice to sit in a theater next to my husband and do nothing but take in the movie for about two hours.

I made a quick Target run right before the movie and ran into a local blog friend (It was great to catch up for a few minutes, Iana!  We should really get our kids together sometime!).  I also snagged this necklace on clearance for $2.40 that I am a little bit in love with:

The Gemini symbol (my astrological sign)...also the symbol for TWINS!  : )
Jeremy and I spent our child-free Saturday morning piddling around the house.  I finally started a project I have been intending to work on for months.  After a morning spent in Jeremy's workshop and one trip to Home Depot, this desk

desk before

became this:

Painted desk

It is still far from perfect, and I have already put a couple of spots on the top (because I didn't wait long enough before setting the heavy sewing machine on it), but it is a great improvement.  I used spray paint and it was pretty easy, so there's no telling what piece of furniture I will attack next!  I do want to make a little skirt for the desk, to hide the cords and stool, and I need some baskets for the open shelves on the end.  I don't really know if the desk is going to stay where it is (in the kitchen) or move somewhere else, but at least it is now in the house and functional.  Progress!

The rest of our weekend was pretty quiet.  We hung out at home, had a fantastic Sunday lunch with just the four of us (a rarity!), and did lots of reading (rainboots optional).

Rain boots


Random Addison quote from lunch on Sunday:  "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!"  

I love that my baby quotes one of my favorite shows (I Love Lucy) without having any idea what she's talking about.  (She picked it up from her silly father a couple of weeks ago.)  : )


  1. So glad you had a great weekend and enjoyed some time alone with your husband.

    Have a great week.

  2. oh my word, gorgeous desk! Can't wait to see what the sewing machine produces :)

    PS you say piddling, Heather says putzing and I say pottering around the house :) LOVE IT!

  3. Congrats on progress with that desk! I know it must feel so good to have it painted and in place, even if there are still a few little touches you want to add.

    This seems so miniscule, I'm sure, but I cleaned out our junk drawer on Sunday. I feel so good about it! :)

    [And looking at Marcia's comment, I say "piddling" too!]

  4. I also love the Gemini sign!!! Our twins are Gemini twins and they are both so opposite in personality it is so cute!!! Love the desk and the saying of things from TV shows and movies by little kids. I got Tommy to say for me regularly, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." He says it so cute with his voice that is so deep for a toddler. Love it!

  5. And yes, I do say putzing around!!! LOL!

  6. okay I'm BAAACK!

    Do you know how much sheer DELIGHT I get from all this talk of regional sayings? LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    Love the idea of Tommy talking "Dirty Dancing"

  7. I'm going to try and get a video of Tommy saying that quote from Dirty Dancing!!!


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