Lazy Days

As a mom who works outside the home full time during the week, I feel like our evenings are a rush of playtime, dinner, baths, and as much quality snuggling/reading/rocking time as we can fit in the hours between 4:30 and 8:30. 

Largely because of the rush-rush-rush of our weeknights, I find myself enjoying lazy weekends at home more and more.  I used to feel we had to plan something special for the weekend--you know, fun family activities to make our quality time together even more exciting.  I am sure that as the weather warms up and the spring sunshine begs us to take advantage, we will begin to fill the weekends with plans and activities again.

For now, though, we are all enjoying the peace and contentment of quiet days at home.  My favorite weekends are the ones when we have absolutely nothing on the agenda, when we are free to come and go as we please...or to spend the entire day in pajamas, playing with baby dolls, drinking coffee (both the real and pretend kinds), running races down the hall, coloring, cutting, gluing, and snuggling up to watch a movie on the couch.

Weekends with these cutie-pies?  Yes, please!

Buggy ride

Even on our lazy weekends, the library is a must-do at least one or two Saturday mornings every month.  I love that my girls love the library!

Library fun

Library card

Paw Paw's birthday
With Paw Paw (my dad) on his birthday last week)
What do your weekends look like?  Do you prefer to have lots on the agenda, or are you happiest hanging out at home?


  1. Deanna, your girls are getting SO big!

    I like to get out for a bit and then a whole lot of being at home.

    I must say, I do like being out with the kids a lot because then they're not as manic at home ---> I don't have a messy house!

    (there is always method in the madness)

  2. I love the lazy weekends, I wish I was home over the weekends. I secretly feel that the girls enjoy their weekends with Daddy more than their time with me because I'm too structured during the week.

    I also love that your library still has date cards (and I desperately want to pull your father's beard!!!!). Our library does toddler story time on Saturday mornings but DH won't take them by himself. Do you just go for books or activities too?

  3. It depends, sometimes we love free weekends but others we need something to do or where to go.

    Happy belated Valentine's Day!!!

    PS: Your girls are so big. Beautiful girls!!

  4. We go back and forth on busy or quiet. One of my favorite things is when we have friends come over for dinner on Sunday and we make a pot of soup.

    They are getting so big and they are so cute!!! Enjoy!

  5. LOVE lazy weekends...Husband finds it a good time to get "projects" done and typically ends up exasperated with me and my "sitting down."

    We moved Tae Kwon Do to Friday nights so both of our days are free...it's lovely.


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