Friday Five--Toddler Talk

  • Sometimes I forget how very closely the girls listen to everything we say in their presence.  A few weeks ago, I was digging through the out-of-control sippy-cup drawer to find a matching lid.  I didn't think too much about my frustration until, a day or two later, Mackenzie was playing in the same drawer, shouting, "Where's the freakin' lid??"  Oops!  At least it wasn't anything worse, I guess?

  • When the girls say something they aren't sure they should be saying (like 'freaking'), they will turn to one of us and ask, "Is [random word] nice to say?"  It cracks me up, and I love that they care enough to ask...I am sure the day will come when they seek out those not-nice words.

  • We have been teaching the girls when it is appropriate to say 'God' (i.e. when we are talking about God, church, etc.).  They had heard the phrase "Oh my God" somewhere, and started asking questions about it.  We tried to explain that we are not supposed to use that phrase, and to say "goodness" or "gosh" instead.  A & M have done very well not repeating that saying, but they are VERY quick to point out when they hear it elsewhere.  (It is on Shrek, which is the ONLY DVD that plays in my car--random, I know--and they never fail to point it out.  They also never miss the phrase 'shut up', but we haven't had many problems with that one...yet.)

  • Speaking of phrases the girls never miss, Jeremy and I totally failed that lesson that says if you hear something you don't want your kids to notice, don't draw attention to it.  One day last weekend, the four of us were in our bedroom hanging out.  I think I had just had a shower, so Pandora radio was still playing on my iPhone in the bathroom.  We were alternatively dancing around to the music and playing around in the floor, when this song came blaring out of the speakers.  (That link is just the lyrics--no music!)  Jeremy and both stopped in mid-sentence and looked at each other with wide eyes.  He jumped up and ran into the bathroom to skip that song, while I burst out laughing.  (Mom of the year, right here!)  Luckily, the girls somehow overlooked the whole situation, and to my knowledge, that word has not entered their vocabulary.  It was a close one, though!  
  • A & M are really into playing 'babies' these days.  They take turns pretending to put one another down for naps, feeding pretend bottles, and reading to each other.  It's all very cute and funny to watch, but they are starting to put some 'baby talk' with this game...which is NOT so cute.  We are supposed to be long past the stage of unintelligible words and whines.  When they get in the mood of whining and pointing, I have to remind them to use their words and tell them they are big girls now.  I can handle the pretend baby stuff, but there will be no more deciphering noises and whines when I know good and well they can say whatever they want.
 I called this post Toddler Talk because I can't resist alliteration, but my girls really don't feel like toddlers anymore.  They are quickly moving into the little girl stage, and I really love it.  Sure, I miss things about the baby stages on occasion, but there are so many more things to look forward to!  What do we call these kids after 'toddlers'?  Preschoolers?

All I know is that my almost-three-year-olds are pretty freakin' awesome!  

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  1. i love the fact that listening to the kids talk gives you a glimpse into things that YOU actually say! :) m and t have been saying "that's ENOUGH" a lot lately. i suppose that i might be saying it too much!!

    yeah...what comes next? preschoolers??

    great pic!

  2. Oh the parrots! I am failing at this!! We had a storm blow through that brought rain and wind, not good for the pool cover that already had too much water on top. I might have let a "sonofabitch" fly as I stomped outside to assess the situation. All night I got "mom, sonabeech? Sonabeech?" Of course her saying it so inquisitively left me in stitches. My mouth is sooo horrible.

    I'm not ready to let them go to preschool yet so I'm sticking with toddlers till they're 5! LOL

    Now I need to hear some offspring...

  3. I'm afraid we should probably call this stage "preschoolers"...but yikes! That seems old! ;) Cool, but old!

    My husband is bad to say, "Oh, My Gosh!" when he's expressing surprise in front of the girls. They started saying it, but it comes out sounding more like OMG, which is a no-no in my book.

    I remind him, "Oh, My Goodness" instead...and now the girls do, too. You'd think he'd thrown out a four-letter word the way they jump in when he "slips". HA!

    I'm realizing the girls are picking up on song lyrics. You'll be proud to know that they request Sweet Home Alabama almost every time we're in the car. :) That's great and all, until you realize some of the lyrics are less than desirable. They know bits and pieces to most of the stanzas...but I've been skipping over singing some of the words. I figure I've got a bit longer before I have to censor more...I hope! ;)

  4. Ava told me other day to "Shut up". I quickly gave her the "thats not a nice thing to say" speech. They are picking up on so much!!! Cool but scary :)


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