We have had such a busy fall already.  It seems like every weekend is packed full of places to go and people to see.  Not that it's a bad thing...it would just be nice to have a free day in the midst of the go-go-go.

For instance, this weekend alone we...

Attended our town's Homecoming parade

Ate "messi-cans" (that's A&M-speak for 'Mexican') with family

Went to the Homecoming football game

 Homecoming game

Took a Saturday morning trip to the library

Visited with my sister (who made a very quick trip home) until late in the night

Made a short shopping trip for a birthday gift

Went to church (a little late, as usual)

Taught Sunday school

Ate lunch with the family at our favorite Sunday restaurant

Attended a Sunday afternoon birthday party

Skipped naps

Left the party early because the girls were grumpy


It's tempting to complain about the constant rush of this season, especially knowing that it only gets worse the closer we get to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But there's one more thing we did this weekend:

Attended the funeral of a precious two-month-old little girl, taken too soon from a family that adores her

...that really puts it all in a different perspective.  And I remember, again, how blessed we are and I am grateful for every single second with my family.


  1. FANTASTIC pic of the 4 of you - how did you get J to wear pink? Or is he in touch with his female side? LOL

    yes, very busy weekend but the alternative? no thanks.

    poor little thing.

    also your blog is doing what MandyE's was about a month ago - where it doesn't pull the feed of the blog through to GR - what did you do?

  2. I know..this past week has really made me SOOO thankful for my family.

  3. Wow! Busy busy! You're going to have to post another pic of them in those homecoming outfits! I can't see them well enough! Their hair is getting so long... makes them look so much older! And YOU look GREAT!!

  4. You are very busy. Like the family picture.

  5. :( poor little baby. that kind of news always makes me so sad!!!

    sounds like you guys have been super busy! but looks like you're having a blast!


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