Last Vacation Post, I Promise

So, after our marathon first day at the beach, the rest of our short vacation was pretty low-key and, dare I say, even relaxing.  We were only there for the long weekend (Friday-Monday), so we really had no agenda other than to just let the girls enjoy the things they wanted to do...and eat a few good meals, of course.  (If you know me at all, you know that the number one thing I do plan for vacation is where we are going to eat!  Priorities, you know?)

We hit the pool first thing Saturday morning and basically stayed there until lunch and nap time.  A much-anticipated visitor arrived mid-morning, and was greeted with shouts and hugs from her nieces...



We had a great day playing at the pool and beach, grabbing some take-out lunch, and taking a long nap.




Mackenzie took a little spill in the ocean...

Saturday night, Jeremy, Laura Jo, and I were able to go out for dinner while the girls hung out with their grandparents.  We had a delicious meal at The Original Oyster House, one of our favorite places (crab cakes--yum!).



Sunday, the three of us got a chance to sneak away again and go back to the outlets in Foley to finish up some shopping without so much "help" from the girls.  I think we were a little early for the best fall sales, but I did get a few things for the girls...enough to get them through fall, I hope.

That evening, we took the girls to an amusement park, where we stayed for hours letting them ride small rides and playing games.  After a last dinner at our favorite place (Sea N Suds), we enjoyed a final, low-key evening together.

All in all, we had a fantastic trip.  Jeremy and I seriously prayed that the girls would sleep well, since we knew that would make a big difference in the way everything went.  I also think it helped that we didn't have much of an agenda, so we never felt rushed, and neither did the girls.  We largely followed their cues on what to do and when, which is just about the only way to travel successfully with toddlers, I have decided!  We had so much fun that we're actually looking forward to doing the same trip again next year, except maybe staying a day or two longer (the weather was perfect for the beach this time of year).


Maybe this trip will help erase the memories of our not-so-fun beach trips in the past...it certainly gave us hope for successful future vacations!


  1. What a great trip!! We weren't able to find an rv park in gulf shores because of the "cruisin the coast" event but we'll definitely visit there someday soon! We could have used that warmer weather so we could actually swim!

  2. i love your pics and may I say your daughter has excellent taste (Lincoln Lawyer) LOL

    we are the SAME about food - I plan all the places I want to eat at first and then the rest can fall into place!


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