Want fries with that?

I gave up fast food for Lent this year.  Did I mention that here?  I am pretty sure I didn't.

It hasn't been nearly as hard as I feared it would be, though I haven't really lost any weight like I hoped I might, either.  To be fair, I haven't really been eating less or necessarily healthier, just no fast food.  This is really only a big deal for me because I eat out nearly every day for lunch.  I want to cut fast food out of that scenario, so that I either go somewhere and enjoy lunch, bring lunch to work, or come home and fix something quick.

(Obviously, my Lenten resolution is not necessarily related to worship or Biblical reasoning.  Fast food is not symbolic for sin or anything deep like that.  As Methodists, we don't place a lot of emphasis on the traditional "fasting" during Lent, but many of us choose to give up something anyway.  I am taking this opportunity for motivation to cut something unhealthy out of my life...that's my deep religious explanation!)

Anyway...the little experiment has been going well, and I have actually enjoyed eating at home more often.  It's kind of fun to challenge myself to find different things to eat.

Sundays are "feast days" during Lent, so it's considered a day to indulge in whatever you are foregoing.  Technically, that means I could have fast food on Sundays, but I find I still don't really want...which hopefully means I will be able to keep this up after Lent ends!

We typically have Sunday dinner with my best friend and her family, along with my mom and aunt.  This week, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and our desire to be at home, and we grilled at our house after church.  We had a great time, and Addison and Mackenzie had a blast playing with Wyatt and Brenna.  I could get used to this at-home stuff!

Our cuties practicing their bubbles



Mackenzie, again...Addison doesn't like to stand still these days


Addison playing in Brenna's carrier...she's a little obsessed with it!


Sweet Brenna

Blurry...but look how excited Addison is to be "holding" Brenna

Mackenzie "sleeping" in the carrier

Mackenzie & Brenna

Couldn't resist a kiss

Addison & Brenna

Mackenzie and her tricycle

Addison, trying to get her blanket arranged just right


Question for you:  Can you tell my girls apart in the pictures I post?  I am going to do a post soon with some of the differences, but I'm curious if anyone already has it figured out?  (There's no obvious trick to look for, by the way!)


  1. We live in the country, but have a McDonald's 1/2 a mile from our house... so to give up fast food would be near impossible! But good for you!! And I can't tell your girlies apart AT ALL!! Can't wait for the "differences" post!

  2. I gave up sweets - it's the hardest Lenten challenge that I've taken on to date. The one difference that I see is that their hair is parted to different sides.... Other than that I can't tell!!! I can't wait to read you post about their differences... I always wonder what that would be like as a parent of identical twins - Trying to figure out who is who:) thankfully God helped me avoid that one!

  3. LOVE the pictures - they are all such cuties.

    The car seat obsession is very cute :)

    I don't do anything for Lent but I do enjoy a challenge. Sadly, I don't eat any fast food already so I'll have to cut out tea or cake to have it be effective for me.

    Did the people over at your place not necessitate lots of cleaning? :)

  4. I eat fast food like once every 2 months, so that would actually be easy for me!! =)
    The girls are difficult to tell apart too, so I can't wait to see the postings on that!
    Oh, and we just got some of those bubbles from Target. Best bubbles in the world!

  5. That would be so hard for me! Since I started back to work full time I only allow myself to eat out 1 time a work week and maybe 1 breakfast. I don't always do that :)
    No I can't tell them apart.

  6. I am proud to say that I can tell them apart-I believe! It's like a challenge for me whenever I see a post with pictures.

    We don't have religion in our house, but I am always amazed at the way people carry themselves around certain holidays. I must say that I get aggravated with the "posers". If you are going to be religious do it all year! Easter and Christmas don't count!

  7. I vote hair parting...there's the difference.

    I love the pictures of those kiddos...adorable!

    I haven't been in McDonald's since January (?) and while I miss it sometimes, I keep remembering what the movies "Supersize Me" and "Food, Inc." taught me...and that's to eat at home with fresh ingredients. Everything else is gross! Haha...plus, it creates nice family traditions too and who doesn't want more of those? ;)


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