Checking the List

I have thought a bit about my list of goals for 2011, but perhaps not as much as I had intended so far (particularly the housekeeping ones!).  I am bustling around this week, though, making preparations to cross two items off my list soon.

Which items am I checking off the list?

Item #1:  Take a Deanna & Jeremy trip, possibly to celebrate our fifth anniversary.
Item #2:  Renew my passport.

Yep, we are going on our first child-free vacation.  Although it is sort of a celebration for our anniversary, we are not waiting until August.  Jeremy and I, along with my sister and a friend, are going on a (relatively cheap) cruise to somewhere warm and tropical at the end of May.  I can hardly wait!

Laura (my sister) will be graduating from college in May and she has been wanting to take a cruise for years.  I found a pretty good deal, convinced Jeremy, and somehow managed to make it all work out.  It does also help that we are booking just as we expect a nice little tax refund...thank you, Addison and Mackenzie! 

This will be the third cruise for Jeremy and me, but we have not been since our honeymoon in 2006.  You can take children on this cruise line, but I not ABOUT to get in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico with two toddlers screaming to come home.  So, though I will miss them terribly and I might spend a fortune calling to check on them, I will also be taking advantage of all the child-free rest and relaxation.  Can you imagine all the books I can read in five days?  And my mouth is already watering in anticipation of all the delicious food I plan to consume.  Midnight Mexican buffet?  I'm in.  24-hour pizza?  Sign me up.  An extra appetizer with dinner?  Don't mind if I do!

Weight Watchers when I return?  I think so.


  1. JEALOUS!! We may go away for our fifth anniversary this June but it all depends on if we can get the baby to take a bottle or sippy cup by then. That little boy loves the boob!

    And the Caribbean so wonderful - you're going to have an awesome time. What's on your book list for the trip??

  2. super jealous, but excited for you :)

    maybe i should plan a trip??

  3. Horribly jealous! Can I stow away in your luggage? I'm still working on the courage to leave the girls over night :(

  4. thank you for confirming today's blog topic for me :)

    (you'll see later)

    I am jealous! In a good way! We've always wanted to take a cruise but i will absolutely not take my kids.

    I'm also a bit worried about leaving the kids overnight... yes, me!!!

  5. So happy for ya'll. A getaway trip without children is so nice periodically. We went to St. Croix after Ava was born and it was glorious!! I actually slept all night long for the first time in months!

  6. Amazing!!!!! We celebrated our 5th anniversary at Carnival Destiny (cruise) and it was wonderful.

  7. fun, fun, fun, awesome!!!!! what a wonderful event to have in your future!


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