We're Ready

Tomorrow is the big day...Addison & Mackenzie's first day at Mother's Day Out.  We are as ready as we can be, I guess. 

We've been practicing our reading....


And trying out the new nap mats...



And mama has been praying her baby girls don't cry all day!

They did really well at the open house on Sunday.  Besides being a little clingy when we first got there, they mostly ran around the room, checking out the toys.  We ducked out for the short meeting without them noticing, and the teacher said they never cried when they realized we were gone...just a bit of whining.  We came back to find one of them (can't remember which it was!) sitting in the teacher's lap and the other playing happily.  I'll take that as a good sign!

Tomorrow the girls will be wearing the dresses from their first birthday, the ones that clearly show their names.  We plan to dress them differently and in monogrammed clothes as much as possible for the first few weeks, to give the teacher a chance to learn to tell the difference.  There are only five kids in their class until January, when the sixth will join them.  They will also get some interaction with the other one-year-old class, which has six kids.

first day clothes

They are excited about their new Dora lunchboxes, but I'm a little nervous about how well they will eat in a different setting.  They have to take finger foods that don't need heating for lunch.  Tomorrow I'm going to send peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (half for each of them), peas and carrots, and mandarin orange pieces.  All are foods they like, so maybe it will be a hit.  Any suggestions for easy-to-pack finger foods?  Both girls adamantly refuse any kind of pasta (who knows where they get that?!), so all those ready-made toddler meals are out.  They do love hot dogs, so at least those are easy to cut up and pack.

I can't believe I'm packing a lunch to send with my BABIES to "school" tomorrow!  I am excited for them to make new friends and get to play with the other kids in their class.  I really, really, really hope they love it.


  1. GOOD LUCK to A and M...and to you! I can't wait to hear how it goes. We hope to start our girls in a MDO program next fall, when they're 2 1/2.

  2. Good luck girls!!! Can wait to hear more about their first day and see pictures.

  3. I would CRY!!!

    Packing LUNCH!!!!

    Okay, lunch ideas? apple slices, raisins (do yours eat raisins?), chicken strips, any kind of sandwich, muffins, etc.

  4. how fun!! I bet they will love it!!

  5. Good luck today!! I just got back from dropping all 3 of mine off for their first day and to my shock there were no tears shed from any of them! I did be sure to send them in monogrammed shirts {not that they look alike =)} to help their teachers learn their names! I hope that they have a wonderful first day!

  6. I put name tags on the girls. On their upper back (the only place they can't really reach themselves to tear them off)
    The nursery teachers were very grateful.

  7. I can't wait to hear how it goes. :) Hoping it was awesome!!

  8. What a big day for them. I can't wait to hear how they did. Where did you find their little nap thingies, so cute? Also I love their monogrammed shirts, where did you have them made? I absolutely love anything monongrammed!!


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