Always Runnin' Behind

I have been feeling very scatter-brained lately.  I'm forgetting to do things, forgetting meetings, and generally just spacing out a little.  Last week, I totally forgot an adjunct faculty meeting at the college where I teach part-time.  I had to run out yesterday after work and sign my contracts so I could begin my class. 

Last Thursday, I logged onto my college email to see if there was anything going on between semesters, and I realized fall classes started on Friday...the next day.  I had nothing ready, and I needed to familiarize myself with the new version of Blackboard before I could even post stuff for my students.  Thank goodness my class is online and I have tests, etc. ready from previous semesters.  Jeremy took care of the girls on Saturday afternoon so I could get the necessary things done.

This weekend was sort of the final straw...I can't keep wasting time backtracking to take care of things that should already be done.  It's time to get organized!  I have a daily desk calendar at work, and a small one that I keep in my purse; I've just got to get better about using them.  And it would help if I remembered to check them daily to see what I'm supposed to be doing.  That's sort of the point, right?

As the girls get bigger, we are going to have more appointments and obligations to keep up with, so I have to figure out a better system now.  Surely I'm not going to have to break down and get a Blackberry that will tell me every time I need to be somewhere.

What is your system like?  How do you stay organized?  (Marcia, I expect some good tips from you!) 

I got my 2011 planner for work already.  I just love the feel of a clean, blank calendar, just waiting to be filled up.  I'm such a nerd.  : )


  1. Cell phone and Google Calendar! Sync them up!

    Seriously, I never ever look at my paper calendar in my purse or the one I keep on the back door. I just don't function that way anymore, even though I wish my brain would work with that system because I constantly worry what if my phone alarm doesn't go off, or what if Google Calendar messes up!

    It's a senseless worry since I never, ever remember to do anything that I've written on the hard copy calendar! :D

    My husband has his own Google Calendar account, and I also sync with it once a month. Kids could have one too, later on.

    My phone is set to alert me one day and two hours in advance of most appointments. For big events, I will make multiple entries so my alerts can come as many as four times.

    I update once a month, on the first of the month and then add as needed. I add entries for things like the girls' snack day, when Gymbucks start, etc. Everything!

  2. I have been meaning to get started with Google Calendar and syncing it to everyone's cell phones. Someday I will get around to it, and I'm sure it will be great.
    For the past million years, I have used a big, family calendar and two white boards.
    The big calendar is in our kitchen, where I pass by multiple times a day. Then there's one white board on the freezer side of the fridge that has all the little notes, Mon- Sun and each corresponding activity/appt. Also, running lists for Target, Sam's Club, household projects, other random stuff. (I think there's even a referral for an Allergist at the moment)
    The second white board has all the snack ideas for the kids, as well as the Mon-Sun scheduled dinners for the week. So I always know what we're eating that night and if I need to do any prep beforehand.
    Seems to work fine!

  3. oh man. i hate feeling like i'm missing something. i just posted about how i lost my whole calendar in my phone. that's mostly what i use. i tried to do a google one for the family, but B won't use it. i'm thinking that i may resort to the paper on the fridge method, lol.

    can't wait to see what you do!

  4. I love Google calendar...I'm with Anna. It's awesome b/c both of us can see it and use it!!!

    You can also invite your partner to events so he can't forget!

  5. I am terrible about staying organized! I am so worried for those days when I have soccer practice, piano lessons, school functions, etc times three, to keep straight. I don't even know what day of the week it is most of the time!

  6. I keep a large desk calendar beside my laptop with EVERYTHING listed....bills, appointments, birthdays, etc. It helps.

  7. okay, first a question for you. Are you a paper or a gadget gal?

    Embrace it! Seriously.

    I tried for years to be a gadget gal, didn't work, things got worse and now I'm happily a paper gal.

    Okay, once you're decided, tell me and I'll help you further.

    General things

    1. Write everything down. EVERYTHING - the minute you think you can remember things, you'll forget something mega important like paying the phone (this was me after the babies were born).
    2. Do a chat with J every weekend (we like SUn nights) on what's coming up for the week so everyone's on the same page.
    3. Keep a big calendar in a common area and mark any events on it (both of you must look at it though)
    4. menu plan (even if you just write when you're going to get takeaways and from where, I even write "D to get Mimmos" LOL)
    5. make routines (they sound boring but are a life saver) - write them on a post-it until it's a habit, e.g. after babies are in bed, I make bottles for next day, take out their food for next day, write notes for V, pack my lunch, cook, make tea :)

    BTW, I use Outlook for appts AND I write in my diary (I'm super paranoid about forgetting imp. things) but I only use the paper for my lists :)

    Did this help?

    go download my success pack at http://takechargesolutions.org and see if there's anything in there that you like to use :)


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