Dear Mackenzie

Dear Mackenzie,

You're my funny, funny girl, and you know I love you very much, right?  One thing I love about you girls is our schedule.  From the very beginning, we've had a good routine for our little family.  I appreciate that you and your sister eat at the same time, sleep at the same time, and yes, usually even poop at the same time.  It simplifies my life, ya know?


However...  This week, your scheduled poops have moved from the morning to the evening, and it's not working out so well for me.  Addison has got it figured out; she goes right at the end of dinner, just before bathtime.  But you, my sweet girl, you insist on waiting until you're IN the bathtub, all nice and soapy, before deciding to do your daily deed. 

I understand that sometimes the urge hits and you just can't wait, but seriously, kid TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW is too much bathtub poop for me!  I'll give you one more chance, but if there's one more night of pooping in the tub this week...you might be getting sponge baths until you, um, regulate that schedule.

Stinky or not, I love you bunches... but you're way more fun when the poop stays in your diaper where it belongs.  Let's try to work on that!




  1. Ok. Now I'm nervous. That hasn't happened to us... YET!

  2. LOL i haven't had that yet... hopefully never!

  3. We went through that too!! It shall pass. ;)

  4. Been there and its not fun :)

  5. That is the worst!!!!! Hailey does it all the time! Mine have started taking showers lately and Matt took a dook right in the shower and totally freaked out. It was gross...thank God Husband does baths.


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