Mommy Time-Out

We have tried time-outs a few times with Addison and Mackenzie, but I don't think they quite get it yet.  They generally end up standing up in the chair I put them in and laughing at each other.

The point of time-out is to take a few minutes of quiet time to think about what you've done wrong, correct? 

Do you think maybe I could get a mommy time-out?  Maybe I haven't necessarily done anything wrong (though I'm sure I could come up with a few things if I thought about it long enough-ha!), but the idea of sitting quietly, with nothing expected of me except to think for a few minutes sounds pretty good to me!

I hear that some kids get sent to their room for time-out.  Can I be sent to my bedroom for a time-out?  Pretty please?

There isn't even a tv in there anymore, so all I would have to do is sit quietly and think.  If I could take my Kindle, I would gladly stay in there for hours and hours, just reading.  If my time-out went a little too long, I would just curl up in my big, soft bed for a long nap.  I haven't had nearly enough of those since my little stinkers came along 16 months ago.

Maybe Addison & Mackenzie have the right idea...maybe this time-out stuff doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Anyone want to come watch my kids so I can have a nice, long time-out?!

Mama's Losin' It


  1. I will be right over! But only if you will come watch mine after your time out is over! haha

  2. I heard Dr Phil say once that for a child who loves alone time, time-outs are a reward!!!

    SOunds like you :)

    But I do hope you get lots of reading and napping time .

    I DREAM of the day when the kids and I can have lovely naps on my bed on a weekend afternoon - BLISS!

  3. My time-outs are in the bathroom....with my ipod on, while the girls are in their cribs! ;)

  4. Time out can be so frustrating sometimes...there was one time where Hailey went *skipping* into time out probably thinking "it was totally worth it."

  5. Time outs are so frustrating sometimes and but at the end they understand what they did.

  6. When my girls were that age, and Lucas overseas, I took a timeout about once a week. I'd put the girls in their cribs, say "Mommy needs a break" and lie on my bed in the dark or read a page of a book. I had to keep sane, right?

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