Snow! And Books!

It has been unseasonably cold here in north Alabama over the last two weeks or so.  The lows on some days were in the single digits, which is pretty uncommon in January (or anytime, for that matter).  I'm not sure the temperature rose above freezing at all last week.  If it's going to be that cold, my theory is that there should at least be some snow on the ground.  Fortunately, I got my wish and we got a little bit of snow on Thursday.


Addison and Mackenzie did not get to go out and play in the snow, since they have had a cold for the past week or so.  I did bring them in a snowball to check out for a few minutes though...

Mackenzie's first snowball
Mackenzie, a little unsure...

Addison's first snowball
Addison, with her favorite fashion accessory hanging out of her mouth.  (It's one of those Livestrong-style bracelets...they LOVE to chew on them!)

I felt like a kid again as we waited to see if we would get to leave work early on Thursday, since the weather was scheduled to start moving in by lunchtime.  (Yes, it's crazy, but in Alabama we are pretty much unequipped to handle winter weather of any kind.  Thus, everything shuts down when there is an inch or two of snow or the hint of an icy road...I am totally okay with it, myself!)   We did end up getting to go home before lunchtime, and I came home and packed a bag for the babies and me to stay at my mom's for the night.  Jeremy had to work-unfortunately for him, law enforcement doesn't get to take snow days.  Why did I go to mom's?  Well, because there was a very important football game on tv that night and we don't have cable right now since we are only going to be in this rental house for a little while.  I couldn't risk getting snowed in and miss seeing Alabama play in the National Championship game!! 

Magnolia in the snow
I just love this magnolia tree in my mom's front yard, and I thought this picture of the snow turned out pretty nicely.

It turned out to be a great end to the week, as my team won the game against Texas to become the new National Champions, AND because of the icy roads we got Friday off to celebrate the big win start the weekend early.  Jeremy had already taken Friday off from work, so we unexpectedly got to spend the day together. (I could definitely get used to all these short weeks I've been working lately!)

While enjoying the winter weather and hibernating as much as possible, I've been getting a start on the reading I plan to do this year.  I've started both Crazy Love by Francis Chan and American Wife by Curtis Sittenfield.  I'm enjoying them both so far!

Now I'm getting really ambitious, and I've joined a new online book club started by some bloggers I enjoy reading.  Can I keep up??  I plan to try.  The first book they have chosen is The Help, which was on my to-read list anyway.  If you are looking for some good reads and what will surely be some great discussions, come on and join the fun here:  The Book Lushes.  Let me know if you join so we can discuss!


  1. Beautiful pictures of the snow (and the girls of course). Good luck with your Book Club.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Beautiful girls! I miss when mine were that small.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you'll come back often. :0)


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