Happy Half-Birthday!

Six Months!

Dear Sweet Baby Girls,
It seems we have somehow survived half of our first year together. I won't lie-in those first few weeks we wondered if we would make it to this point. Six months seemed like such a long time back then...we couldn't imagine that you would ever do more than cry, sleep, eat, and poop. And yet, here we are. At six months you are smiling, laughing, "talking," yelling, rolling (Addison), reaching, grabbing, and almost sitting!

Everyone tells you to enjoy every moment, because they go by way too fast. We had no idea how true that really is until you girls came into our lives. Even now, it's a little hard to remember exactly what those newborn days were like. We have come so far and you have both changed so much in just six months. You are halfway to ONE YEAR OLD already...how is that possible??

As fast as it is going by, it is so much fun to watch you discover new things every single day. You never fail to amaze us with the way you learn new tricks seemingly overnight. And the food...I am having so much fun with your food. I never imagined I would be making your baby food myself, but I love doing it! I think it's pretty safe to say your favorite food this month is peaches mixed with bananas. Mackenzie, we laughed so hard at you yelling between each bite, and Addison, you would open your mouth as wide as it could go. Watching you eat and try new foods is really the highlight of my day.

The song of the month is most certainly "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider." Every time I sing it, you stop what you're doing to listen-both of you! Addison, you especially like to watch the hand motions, and you grin so big when I do the "rain." I've discovered that this song can calm you both when you are upset...at least for this week. I sang it for 15 minutes straight on our way home the other night, until you finally fell asleep.

I say it every month, but girls, life just gets better and better! Your daddy and I love you SO VERY MUCH, and we can't wait to see what next month holds.

Mackenzie's hand is better
Addison at the fair
Mackenzie after bath


  1. I can sooo relate to your letter to your girls. My boys are going to be 4 months old next week and I never thought I would be here 4 months later enjoying motherhood.....the beginning was so hard...all we did was count down the days till they got older. Now we see it going by so fast but still can't wait for the 6 month mark so they will be even more human like :-)

  2. Deanna, they're GORGEOUS. I love your post....gives me hope....as did the comment that when you start working, you enjoy them more :)

    now guess what we're off to do - yip, yet ANOTHER medical appt, this time with the eye doc. Hopefully it's the last - they're 13 weeks today!


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