100th Post=FAIL! (how about a cute picture instead?)

So, yeah, I totally failed at something creative for my 100th post.  We're at the beach, though, so that makes it somewhat special, right?

I love the beach this time of year.  At first, I was a little disappointed that our conference was held in October instead of the middle of summer like some of the others.  Now I see the beauty of it...great weather (75-85 degrees all week), no wait at any restaurants, and absolutely no crowds anywhere.  It may not be the best weather for lying on the beach all day, but let's get real, Addison and Mackenzie aren't going to let that happen!  That's not really our thing anyway...we enjoy the beach and the pool, but we like to get out and go too, which suits the babies just fine.

So far, we've done a lot of eating and a good bit of shopping at the nearby outlets.  (Carter's, The Children's Place, Gymboree, Hartstrings...I'm in baby clothing heaven!)  Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty, so I'm hoping to get some beach pictures.  For now, I'm going to enjoy the view from our balconies...we lucked up and got a corner unit with amazing views in every direction!

A few random pictures:

Game faces
Game Faces

Mackenzie is finally rolling!

Playing together

watching tv
Watching tv on vacation


  1. I love those bama pj's!!! So cute! The other ones I could do without :-)

  2. Those pics totally make up for this being your 100th post :) They are so, so cute in their pink.

  3. Your babies are so beautiful. God bless them. Enjoy your time at the beach.

  4. Look at those little cuties! The beach is so wonderful this time of year, I agree!
    I love the Alabama pajamas - so stinkin' cute! Roll Tide!


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