Busy, Busy, Busy

Last weekend was a busy one, and I'm just now getting caught up from it all. The big high school reunion went well. My best friend Kelly and I rode in the homecoming parade on Friday afternoon, and it was HOT. After the parade, we had to choose between going out to eat or going to take showers and refresh ourselves before the football game. Being the sensible, classy ladies we are, we made the obvious choice: FOOD, of course! It turned out to be the right decision, since the first half of the game was just as hot and sticky. The heat and humidity are evident by the size of my hair:

Homecoming 2009

After the game, we gathered at a local restaurant, and Jeremy and I stayed out until after 11:00!! I know, we're crazy. We were all spending the night at my mom's, in addition to my sister and her friend who had come in from Mobile for the weekend. My sweet, adaptable babies were asleep when we got there, just as they had been since 8:00. I like knowing that it doesn't get them all out of sorts when we are somewhere other than home. As long as they have their bath and bottle, they pretty much don't seem to care!

Saturday was a family picnic, moved inside because of the rain. It was fun to see everyone's children and families, and we did a little more catching up. We did not go to the party Saturday night...one late night out was enough for us for awhile!

Saturday afternoon, we went to eat with my family. Mackenzie was so worn out from her exciting weekend, she fell asleep sitting up.

Auntie LJ & Mack

Addison dirtied her diaper and her outfit, so she got an entire wardrobe change during lunch. (Don't worry, we were the only people out on the screened-in porch!)


(I've been playing with my pictures on Picnik, by the way. I'm a pretty bad photographer, so I have to make them a little more creative when I can!)

Saturday night, we went to dinner to clebrate my sister's 21st birthday. Hard to believe it's been 21 years since my parents brought home that tiny, squirmy bundle that turned my life upside down! : ) Happy Birthday again, Auntie LJ! You've become an amazing young lady, and I'm proud to be your sister.


Naturally, she had to have the obligatory 21st birthday drink!

So that was our weekend. We skipped church to recover from all the activity of Friday and Saturday. I was so proud of Addison and Mackenzie for being so good all weekend. I love my girls!


  1. It was a busy weekend but with lots of fun, right.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. What beautiful pictures! I love that she fell asleep sitting up! Happy Birthday to your sis!


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