Thanks, blog friends, for your prayers for my little Mackenzie! We got the news from the doctor's office Monday evening (at 5:30...wait to make us wait until the last minute!) that the knot in her neck is an enlarged lymphnode. I will certainly be asking the doctor for a more detailed explanation at their checkup next months, but the important thing is they said it is not a serious problem and we will just need to watch it for awhile. They said to call if it gets any bigger, and otherwise they will just check it again in August. Praise the Lord! The first of many, many neurotic worrying episodes is put to rest. : )

In other news, the babies will be going on their first road trip this afternoon. My sister (aka "Auntie LJ") is coming home from a 2-month mission trip in Brazil, and we are picking her up in Birmingham this evening. We are excited to see her! I decorated onesies for Addison and Mackenzie to wear...pictures coming soon! We won't be home too late, but late enough that we are staying the night at my mom's (I commute 45-minutes each way until we sell our house). I am hoping for a smooth trip there and back. I can't wait for Laura Jo to see how much the girls have grown and for her to spend some time with them this week!

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  1. Yay & praise the Lord! So glad our prayers were answered.
    And yay for your sister coming into town. Sisters are the best!
    (We picked up our pup, Sugar, from the Bham airport and now my girls think only pets fly into the airport - Ha!)


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