Triumphant Return

I have been trying to write this thoughtful, creative post about my slightly conflicted emotions over the return of scripted television. However, it has been quite a busy week and I have not made much progress with my creative post, despite multiple attempts. So I give up. I will do a nice post on the conflicting emotions and my new (slightly unhealthy?) enthusiasm for tv on DVD another day.

For now, just let me say that I am beyond excited that The Office is back! What a glorious night it was three weeks ago when I sat down to watch the first new episode in more than four months. I am a recent Office junkie; I got caught up the craze during the aforementioned tv on DVD phase during the writers' strike. Now I am wondering what took me so long? Nevermind, it's beside the point now. I am here to stay.

Because I teach on Thursday nights I have not watched last night's episode yet. Thanks to online viewing, that is not a problem. I plan to enjoy both The Office and Grey's Anatomy before long. Last week's episode of The Office just happens to have grabbed a spot on my list of favorites. It was a perfect mix of office craziness and Jim and Pam loveliness. And everyone's favorite couple was particularly lovely last week. When Jim started hinting about an engagement, I was literally bouncing up and down on the couch, telling Jeremy, "he's totally serious!!" It was not one of my finer moments. And still...he was totally serious! The reviewer on EW.com thought it was a little creepy that Jim bought a ring the week they started dating. I disagree. I think it is a perfect indication of Jim's devotion to Pam and their relationship. We know he's in it for real. I can't wait to watch last night's episode.

I am also excited about Brothers & Sisters returing, even though I fell asleep and didn't get to watch Sunday's episode. I will also have to catch it online before this Sunday. That show has great writing, controversial yet relevant topics, and best of all, Sally Field. She's absolutely fantastic as Norah, the family matriarch. The other actors are strong and talented as well, making for an engaging hour of television.

All in all, I think it is going to be an enjoyable month or so, until the summer hiatus. I am ignoring the talk of a possible actors' strike in the fall, hoping it will fade away before I have to get too concerned. If it does happen, I guess it's back to DVD for me. There are a couple of other shows I have missed out on that I have considered catching on DVD. I hear Lost is good....

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