A Valentine craft {that didn't make me crazy}

I wanted to do something a little different for the girls' Valentines this year.  With 17 kids in their class at MDO, the candy can get overwhelming pretty quickly.  I end up throwing quite a bit away or eating it myself...and I hate to waste valuable calories on so-so Valentine candy.  (A delicious homemade cupcake, on the other hand, is totally worth it.)

After a lot of thought-and Pinterest searching-I decided on something I already knew how to do.  Inspired by Marcia's mini-book projects, I decided to let the girls make Valentine notepads for their classmates.  It went quite well, especially since I glued the first sheet onto the cover myself the night before.

Then, I dumped out a $5 box of foam heart stickers and let the girls go to town.  I offered to help remove the paper backing, but they quickly informed me that they had "already used these stickers at school" and knew exactly how to do it...and they did!  

A & M had a blast covering the notebooks (and themselves), and I pretty much kept myself under control and let them do it they way they wanted.  I only suggested limiting the hearts to 3-4 per book.  (You know I couldn't stay out of it completely!)

We were all happy with the finished product.  From the other child (I honestly can't remember who gave out which Valentines, and I mixed it up from the way we had agreed on anyway.  Thankfully, A & M got over it quickly.), we went with a simple Rice Krispie treat cut into a heart shaped and tied up in a Valentine bag.

Valentine's Day 2013=success!


  1. gorgeous!!! I love how you had to limit them to 4 hearts!

  2. That's awesome!!! I love the idea! And I love the rice krispies treat, too...so cute! :) :)

  3. This is such a GREAT idea! I have 8-year-old twin daughters who are SO artsy - and I am SO not! Every year they look down their nose at me when I suggest we go to the store and BUY their Valentine's. Oh no...they want to make them. This is one I think they would love and I could handle! Thanks so much for sharing!


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