Dreaming of Spring

Though the weather doesn't always cooperate, we have been doing our best to remember that spring is most definitely on its way.  A couple of weekends ago, we surprised the girls with an afternoon trip to the park.  They played their little hearts out, and Jeremy and I enjoyed watching them conquer playground equipment they wouldn't even attempt last fall.  I was surprised to see that Mackenzie has turned into quite the climber.  We even continued to play outside once we got home, since the weather that day was too beautiful to pass up.

I didn't think about grabbing my camera before we went to the park (it was a very impromptu trip), but I did get to take a few photos once we were home...one of the first times I've had the chance to play with my new camera outside in decent light.

I know the focus is off in this picture, but I love it.  They were concentrating and were deep in conversation.

 Sweet Addison

Again, not technically any good, but this picture makes me smile.

I was off work last Monday and we were able to spend more time outside.  I dressed the girls in sweats, thinking it was cool, but I quickly had to take off my jacket and was perfectly comfortable in short sleeves (so nice!).  I felt a little bad when Addison whined that she was hot...I'm sure she was! 

 The girls are forever bringing me 'presents'...dandelions, acorns, rocks...anything goes!  And yes, it still makes me smile every time.

 Mackenzie--one of my favorite recent pictures.

One of our favorite things to do during the warm months is to have our Sunday lunch from the grill here at home.  It's always a crazy afternoon, with kids running in and out and everyone doing a little something to get lunch ready.  This past Sunday was predicted to be fairly nice, so Jeremy and I decided to go for it and start the grilling season early.  

It did turn out to be a lovely afternoon, and we even had the typical "summery" meal of burgers, beans, grilled vegetables, and potato salad.  Yep, we are definitely pretending it is spring...and I'm loving it!

The wild crew, minus one.

 Me too, Mackenzie!  : )

And the best thing about these wild and crazy Sunday dinners?  This crew is usually completely worn out, making for a very restful afternoon!  

Have you seen any glimpses of spring yet?  What are you most looking forward to with the warmer weather?


  1. I lovvvveeeeeee the pics. In that one, Addison looks so much like Jeremy it's scary :)

  2. Oh how I need some spring! You're joing superhero with us right?? Starts March 4th and you can stop apologize for your gorgeous shots!!

  3. so super cute!!! love these pics! and wahoo for spring peaking out!!!

    1. And of course, this weekend is going to be freezing...

  4. Our resident bird has returned! The one that lives on our porch light during the warmer months in Michigan and desecrates the entry to our home with a constant fecal assault. I was so happy to see her...and her poop!

    1. Ha! Signs of spring for sure! My girls have been telling me they hear birds singing in the mornings. : )


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