Haircuts, Etc.

Last week, Addison, Mackenzie, and I finally made it to the salon for long-overdue haircuts.  Several days before our appointment, I started asking the girls if they wanted to have their hair cut short again, or just get a trim and continue to let it grow.  Mackenzie was pretty consistent in wanting to cut hers, while Addison pretty much said she wanted to keep hers long so she could have a ponytail.

I will admit, I was back and forth on the issue of letting them have different hairstyles.  At my most logical, I reminded myself that they are two little individuals who deserve the opportunity to decide for themselves how they want to look (to a certain limited degree at this age, of course!).  But a part of me was thinking, Noooo!!  They're so cute when they look all matchy-matchy!  I can only make these decisions for them for a few years, and I say it stays THE SAME.

In the end, Mackenzie went first and got the short hairstyle we had talked about.  Addison watched the process, waffled back and forth one last time, then decided to go with the short cut, "like Mackenzie's".  {Yes, there was a small sigh of relief from this mama, though I had resolved to let Addison make her own decision.}

I think we are all pretty happy with the results...

New haircuts!

...and A hasn't even asked for a ponytail once!  

I feel like they look so much more grown up with the short hair.  I've even used the hair dryer a few nights, in an effort to get it to fall more smoothly.  We're just getting a small taste of all the hairstyling efforts that will go on in this house over the years, I believe.

A & M aren't just looking grown up these days, they are really acting like it as well.  As I mentioned, there are not many naps happening around here, and we are now making plans to upgrade the girls' bedroom.  I have sold one crib and the dresser/changing table, so we officially on the hunt for a pair of twin beds.  (The couple buying the furniture is not ready for it yet, so no, neither of the girls is being forced to sleep on the floor!) 

I still haven't quite found what I'm looking for in a bed, but I have a few options to consider.  I would looove two white iron twin beds, but the ones I have seen are a little out of the price range.  The hunt will continue, and I'm sure we'll find something before long.  I'm also imagining a vintage-type dresser that I can paint white...hopefully for a very low cost on Craigslist. 

This is the kind of bed I have in mind, but we'll see how it works out.  I hope to get around to a few stores in the next couple of weeks. 

Have you replaced the baby furniture yet?  I can't wait to make some changes and get those giant cribs out!


  1. they look too cute!

    of course you know we got big kid beds last March and we love it - they are big enough for each of us to sleep with a kid if we want to nap with them in the afternoons.

  2. I keep thinking of them as giant cribs, but after measuring and making diagrams of the ladies' room, it's the big girl beds that will be giant! We are still stuck looking at different beds. The moment I think I've settled, there's another issue!

    Did I mention I haven't really involved them? Their only contribution was to request a bed with a slide and a star canopy when we were at I.kea. Sigh... Are A&M in on the redesign?

  3. we're just in the toddler beds (that converted from the cribs) so they are still huge. but they seem smaller than a twin bed! :)

    love the girls hair. and boy they DO look grown up!!

  4. We only made the switch a few months ago - it's been a pretty fun milestone. :) We lucked out and had an antique set waiting for us from my great aunt.

    A&M look so precious with their new cuts. I, like you, will be more than a little sad when my girls decide they want to look different. For now, they are happy to be 'twins' in that sense.


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