Some Words for the New Year

I have been writing and rewriting a New Year post in my head for more than a week now, but it somehow still hasn't made it to my computer screen.  I don't do too well with specific resolutions, so as usual, there are a lot of "more ___" and "less ___". 

I love Marcia's word of the year idea, and I had been thinking I would go with simplify for the second year in a row (surely that's allowed?).  It was my word for last year, and although I did a lot more thinking about simplifying than putting it into action, it still helped as kind of an overarching theme for the year.  I tried to keep it in mind when making decisions--to evaluate which avenue would further the goal of simplifying our lives.

So, going into the year, my long-term goal is yet again, to simplify.  Jeremy and I want to reduce our stuff, reduce our spending, and do more enjoying of the simple pleasures in life.  That still holds true.

However, this weekend I unexpectedly found a new angle for thinking about my year, and although it falls in line with the theme of simplifying, it defines my focus a bit more...and puts it exactly where it should have been all along.

I had the blessing of attending a retreat with the youth from my church, and it was a great way to kick off the year with the right attitude.

Now I have more than a word for the year... I have a mantra:
Nothing more; nothing less; nothing else.
Sounds like the perfect mantra for simplifying life, right?  Actually, there is much more to it than first appears.  In the context of the song it comes from (by Peder Eide), it is followed by the words Do what you want with me

I don't know if the youth felt the real meaning of this song as strongly as I did or not, but for me, it was the perfect reminder that I don't need to spend time worrying about living up to the world's standards of success.  God will put me in the places I need to be to serve Him best, and really, isn't that exactly where I want to be? 

I am listening for the whispers this year, the quiet nudges directing my path--maybe not always my path, but His path, which promises to be infinitely better than anything I could do on my own.

Nothing more; nothing less; nothing else...just what He wants me to be.

Get ready, 2012, I am coming for you!


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