Happy Thoughts

It's been a good few weeks around here.  We have all been busy catching up from the holidays, and I haven't even been able to post any pictures from Christmas because our laptop died and I can't find my camera cord to connect and download pictures to my work computer.  I do want to do a Christmas post, for the sake of memories, so you may be reading about our Christmas around Valentine's Day...or whenever we get around to buying a new computer!

Speaking of new computers, I really, really want a Macbook Pro, but Jeremy is not convinced we need to invest that kind of money.  I have never had a Mac, but suddenly, I am positive it would make all my dreams come true.  If you have a Mac, tell me why you love it...help me build my case!  : )

Anyway, like I said, we have just been having a pretty great year so far.  Much like Marcia mentioned yesterday, we have had a few of those days that just make me stop and think, "Yes, these are exactly the kind of moments I imagined for our family."  (Which further enforces that feeling that this may very well be all of our family, just the four of us.)

I don't even know how to explain it really, but it just feels like we are enjoying each other so much more lately.  We play games and do crafts with the girls, who are more fun and independent than ever before, but there are also times that we are all in the same room and we are all doing a bit of our own thing--I might be reading, Jeremy playing a video game, and the girls moving back and forth, making us "coffee" or "pancakes" from their kitchen--and in those moments, I stop and realize there is absolutely no place I would rather be.  Unless, you know, someone were to offer us a house on the beach in which to do all those activities...because I certainly wouldn't turn THAT down!

Our daily lives still revolve around Addison & Mackenzie, of course, as well they should.  But it also feels like maybe the intensity of the early stages is easing a bit.  Instead of every moment being consumed with what the girls want/need me to be doing, I am finding more moments where I can just enjoy being with them.  I mean, on Saturday, I rearranged their bedroom, by myself, WITH BOTH GIRLS PRESENT and even sort of helping me!  This is unprecedented territory, folks.  Six months ago, they would have been a screaming, crying mess if I even tried to focus on something other than exactly what they wanted me to do for longer than five minutes at a time.  We spent about three hours in their room, alternately playing, rearranging, hanging pictures, and going through old clothes.  It was an absolutely precious morning with my girls, and even better, I was productive while enjoying time with them.

Further illustrating how far we have come as a family, Jeremy took the girls to the mall the other day, willingly, all by himself.  He wanted a new shirt and decided he would take A & M to Build-a-Bear.  He did, and they had a very successful trip.  It may not sound like a big deal, but an outing like that would have been a much bigger deal a year or so ago.  At about an hour away, the mall is not a place they have visited all that often, bless their hearts.  : )

So, yeah, things are changing for this family, and all in the best of ways.  Now that these girls are potty trained and ready for new adventures, you just never know what we might be up to next! 

In wrapping up my happy thoughts for the evening, I have to give a big ROLL TIDE for my fellow Alabama fans (especially MandyE!)...as I type, our beloved Crimson Tide is less than three minutes away from wrapping up a victory over LSU in the BCS National Championship game.  I can't wait to tell Addison & Mackenzie in the morning.  They went to bed shouting "Roll Tide, and go Alabama, and go Auburn, and go Braves", with a few "Go Wildcats" (our local high school team) thrown in for good measure.  Bless their confused little hearts...it's hard being in a divided house!

And once more, because I can't resist....Roll Tide!!!


  1. Apple products are life changing... I hope you get your macbook pro (I'm sitting on mine now). Macs are user friendly... they are used in most public schools. The coolest things about them are what they come with:
    iPhoto (amazing way to keep, sort, file, and edit your pictures); iMovie (make your little video files into the coolest family movie ever); iChat (if you have an iphone in the family, you can video chat with them... skype style) from their phone; iTunes (even most non-apple users use iTunes, right?)

    Have I sold you (your husband on an apple yet? There are no downsides anymore... they are all compatible with most PC products, and I have the microsoft suite on mine, so if you are a Word, Excel, Powerpoint girl, you don't have to miss out. And there's the boring techy stuff like how fast and memory laden they are. :) I could go on and on... Hope you get one.

    Glad you are enjoying your little angels so much. They are at such a fun age! And they are beautiful!

  2. I do love my two Macs and Phoebe just got an iPad for Christmas. And I have an iPod I got years ago for my extensive music collection and I love my iPhone I got for my 40th birthday. They really are very well made products. I love how I don't get viruses (knock on wood!!!) like I used to with our Windows laptops we used to have.

    And I know what you mean about the "sweet spot" with the girls. We're not officially there yet with the boys, but we see glimmers of those moments and we remember what it was like with Phoebe. Enjoy!!!

  3. And ROLL TIDE, My Friend! Happy Thoughts, indeed!!! :)

    I completely understand the feeling you're describing. And I've seen another couple of blogger friends make similar comments. It's such an awesome feeling of "family".

    [No wonder I feel like I haven't "talked" to you in a while...you haven't been posting much. I keep meaning to go back and comment on your "Notes to Myself Next Christmas"...every time I see the red ribbon I have piled up to store...HA!]

    Enjoy that awesome jovial feeling that I know is surrounding the state (or at least the majority of the state) today!!!

  4. Pull up your big girl panties and tell Jeremy you can't live without a mac! I can't!!

    We've always been mac people, I actually loathe PC's. Aside from all the other points previously listed (yes it is incredibly user friendly and perfect straight from the box), I can say that in ten years I've never had a virus or software problem with my mac. Never. We've never had one die "naturally" as PC's tend to do. All of our laptops have met their demise by water, well kool-aid, milk, and pepsi too. Sigh.

    My BIL hates macs, claiming they're too tedious to repair. But I've never had to take one in. The only "repair" I've ever had to take care of was a new power cord when I cut mine in half! They last and last and last! The one I'm working on now is two years old and still works as well as it did the day I got it. It also still has mountains of space left.

    You love your iPhone and the interface is very similar. Maybe you can justify the upfront cost through longevity?! Better yet, offer to split your tax return! You each get one child's worth of $$$!

  5. I love the "Go Wildcats". :)
    I am really enjoying this stage with Ava too.

  6. Congrats on your team winning! And so glad your 2012 is off to a great start! Same over here, thankfully! This is such a fun age! There's just so much thought put into what they do and say now... it's amazing!

  7. Ha! My ipad arrived today and I'm scared of it :) so it's still packaged til I can take it to an istore and let a 20-year-old tell me how to use it. I"M NOT JOKING!!!

    I'm so looking forward to being productive WITH the kids around one day - thanks for the glimmer of hope :)

  8. I LOVE that feeling, that the moments you're having are EXACTLY what they should be, and life seems to be exactly where you always wanted, but didn't even know it.

    Regarding the Mac....

    I'm on my second mac laptop (the first was an ibook, this one's a macbook, not a pro, though). And the first lasted 4 years before we sold it. This one is almost on its 4th year and I have no reason to upgrade or want a new one. It works perfectly, and stuff just works with it when you plug it in. Like the cameras and printer and scanner and external harddrive.

    I dont need a Macbook pro for what I do with the computer (picture of jonas, updating my phone, internet surfing), so I'm perfectly happy with the lower-cost macbook. Maybe you could go that route?

    In my opinion, the biggest selling point on the mac? Is that in my experience, they last longer than 4 years, basically making up any cost differential in getting a lower cost computer.

  9. I love my MacBook (I think it's a Pro, can't remember) and this is coming from a girl who made a $200 laptop she scored on cyber Monday work for three years. Macs are less prone to viruses, and not having to download a driver for stuff like printers? It is not to be taken lightly! I am the cheapest of cheapskates (don't even have an iPhone!) but if this MacBook dies- I will shell out whatever amount it takes to replace I with another MacBook! Will never use anything else!

  10. love this post. i feel the same way. i think it is the age, really. they just seem easier now. and i've felt more complete.

    ...but then i wonder if is hould be doing anything outside of my family? lol.


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