We Survived

I am still a little in awe at how amazingly perfect our Christmas turned out to be this year.  I just could not have asked for things to go any more smoothly for our second Christmas as a family of four.  Most of my pictures are on my good camera, which I left at my mom's, so I will have to share those later, but here's a few from Christmas evening that basically exemplifies how our weekend looked:




It might have been obvious in this post that I was getting a little overwhelmed by all the preparations that needed to be done.  My stress level reached a peak last Thursday and Friday, with a couple of very late nights and trying to finish wrapping, last-minute shopping, and cleaning the house for Christmas visitors.  To top it all off, Addison and Mackenzie only got a thirty-minute nap on Friday (Christmas Eve), and I was about to lose it completely.  Thankfully, I have an amazing family nearby and my cousin Lindsey came to rescue me.  She played with the girls while I finished laundry and snuck in a quick nap myself before heading off to the Christmas Eve service at church, which we made it through without a breakdown (from any of us!).

My mom finally told me that I needed to calm down and let go of my ideas that everything had to be perfect.  Luckily, I kind of listened.  After my episode on Friday afternoon, the rest of the weekend was pretty great...and even a little relaxing.

More pictures and a full recap to come...including pictures of my new haircut!  I know you can hardly stand the excitement.  : )


  1. So glad y'all had a GREAT one! We did as well! Love that kitchen! It's so big... perfect for two little chefs!

  2. Your mom is a wise woman :)

    I'm glad you relaxed and let be. I've just had an epiphany - I think there's not enough Jesus in Christmas and that is the feeling of dread I have every year.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen!

  3. I'm so glad you were able to relax and enjoy the holiday! I hope your "zen" lasts well into the new year! :)

    Are your girls loving their kitchen? Ours haven't stopped "cooking" in days. If only I had that stamina...HA!

    Happy New Year 2011! I was just laughing to my hubby that we know what we'll be doing on New Year's Day! :) I'm glad for once that the game is mid-day, as we should be able to watch the majority of it while the girlies are napping. ROLL TIDE!!!

  4. Aw, look at your girls' gorgeous curls!!! They are lovely!

  5. I have been working on not caring about perfection too, but I will admit to having been a little stressed about the holidays this year.

    Love the pics and the toy kitchen!

  6. So happy for you that you have help! I'm sure she seemed like an angel upon arrival!

    Speaking of hair, I love their little curls!!!

  7. Merry Christmas! I'm glad you guys had a great holiday!

  8. omg. it's hard to let go of the idea that everything has to be perfect. good for you if you were able to let go...even if only for a minute. :)

    looks like things went well. to say i'm jealous is putting it mildly.

    can't wait for details and pics!

  9. So happy you had a great time with family.

    Their kitchen set is beautiful.


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