Bodily (Dis)functions

Every school day when the girls and I get home in the afternoon, I look through their lunchboxes for the art project of the day and to find the report from their MDO teacher.  Pretty much every day it looks like this:


Occasionally, if they haven't been feeling well, the note might say they picked at lunch or didn't take a good nap.  Thankfully, for both us and the teacher, those days are very rare. 

However, one part of their daily report is exactly the same, without fail.


My kids have never pooped at school.  Not even once.

Once I started thinking about this phenomenon, I realized how little Addison and Mackenzie actually poop somewhere other than our house or my mom's.  It is not often.  I can easily count on my two hands the number of dirty diapers I have changed in store or restaurant bathrooms.  Granted, we aren't out and about too often, but we aren't exactly homebodies either.

I have gone off without my diaper bag numerous times, but unlike some people I know, I don't freak out and turn around to go get it.  Now I realize why...more than likely, my girls won't have diaper explosions while we are away from home.

It's becoming clear to me that they just might have issues pooping in public.

Now, I don't want to go into too much detail here, but have you ever heard the expression "They get it honestly"?  Around here, we say it when referring to something a child does that is just like their parents.  It's a trait they get 'honestly' from one parent or the other.

Let's just say that Addison & Mackenzie get this poop thing honestly...especially from their dad.  We have had to rearrange plans on more than one occasion to accomodate someone's issues with public restrooms. 

If the girls really have inherited this...quirk...potty training should be lots of fun.  We won't leave the house for months!


  1. Oh, my goodness...does your hubby read your blog? Mine would STRANGLE me if I wrote such (although I could easily write a similar post, at least on the hubby note...HA!). Too funny!

  2. Too funny! And my DH doesn't read my blog, but I'd be afraid to write it just in case, but since this is in comments.... We make jokes about how when DH comes home from somewhere, especially if he's been gone all day, he'll spend 1/2 hour in the bathroom, LOL!

  3. Maybe it's a boy thing because I could say the same? :)

    P.S. Does J read your blog?

  4. My girls used to associate being in bed with pooping. This drove me berserk. They wouldn't poop AT ALL during the day. No matter how long we made them sit on the potty. As soon as we put them in bed and closed the door- another pull up bit the dust.

  5. Both of my kids are pretty much this way. Wilder's been in daycare since August and I don't think he's pooped there not even one time. And Bowen was the same way. :)

  6. Ok, I'll say it, girls are this way too! I HATE pooping in public! I hate going into public bathrooms! HATE HATE HATE! Filth and grime, I could catch cooties from whoever was in there last! I loathe having to take toddlers in their one day, two of them at once. The thought of it is giving me hives!

  7. My girls are the exact same way! I can count on one hand the number of times we've used that table thing in a public restroom! Although I never associated it with being an issue with potty training... thanks for the added stress ;) Haha!

  8. Erg...I have friends like that and it can be rough! Hailey will go in public and refuse to sit down until you change her (even if you're on a flight to Florida and about to land), but Matt doesn't do it too often in public.

  9. My Mum's that way. Her job has her traveling internationally, mostly to underdeveloped countries, so it's a real problem. The girls' godmother is famous for it.

    My kids? No problem. They've never met a restroom that wasn't home.

    Heather - I've come to realize that hubby's time in the bathroom is his introvert self getting a break from the constant jabber of three extreme extroverts!


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