'Tis the Season

For the last few weeks, I have been holding back a little on the Christmas spirit/planning/decorating, because I felt like it was too early.  I was trained to get through Thanksgiving before even starting Christmas plans.  Now, all of a sudden, Thanksgiving is gone and it is December.  I have had my first peppermint moccha of the season, and Christmas is officially in full swing.

Our tree went up last weekend, and Addison & Mackenzie absolutely love it.  We did it all in one evening after they went to bed, so it was waiting for them when they got up the next morning.  I turned on the lights, and they just pointed and grinned. 



Addison and the tree

The girls have been really good about not touching the ornaments much...so far.  They get curious of course, but I try to emphasize touching with a single pointed finger, so maybe they won't knock the ornaments off.  This is our first experience with the tree on hardwood floors, and yes, I broke two ornaments while I was decorating.

(Addison is in the green cardigan and Mackenzie in the green shirt/pink pants in all of these.  It was 'green' day at school!)


Mackenzie's ornament

Both girls, but especially Addison, spend a lot of time staring up at the tree...it's almost like she's in awe of the size of it.  I tried to snap some pictures yesterday afternoon to remind me how amazed they are over this first tree (remember, we had one last year, but it was gone before Christmas because we moved).  They (again, especially Addison) have to wave to the tree whenever we are leaving the house or even when going to bed at night.  I just love watching them enjoy it this much.




We have passed a few houses with Christmas lights up, and they have learned to spot them pretty quickly out the windows of the car.  There is a house in our neighborhood that goes WAY overboard on the decorations, but I know my little girls will be amazed by the lights.  We have driven by a couple of evenings on the way home, but I think they must not turn the lights on until after five because we keep missing them.  If it's not too cold, we might have to load them up in the stroller and go check out the lights.

Hope you are enjoying the season as much as Mackenzie & Addison are!


  1. Now I know what you meant last year about having to move around Christmas! Our house has been turned upside down as of late.

    I have been trying to avoid Starbucks for that very reason!!! Once I have one, I can't seem to stop!

    Great pictures! The girls look like they are having so much fun!

  2. They have fantastic self-control. Mine don't. Poor Connor - I find him gazing longingly at the decorations daily :)

  3. So cute! Your tree looks wonderful and their expressions are just priceless!

  4. Between dogs and kids, I think I will only be decorating the top half of our tree this year. So far our girls are loving all the lights.

  5. Ava loves the tree too...BUT she isn't getting she can't touch it. It is driving me insane.

  6. Your tree looks great and your pictures are beautiful! The holidays are so much fun with little ones around! : )

  7. Great pics and pretty tree! We're getting our Christmas tree this Friday after work, but we've started putting up some other lights and decorations in the house. The boys seem to be enjoying them. We'll be putting the plastic Muppet/Sesame Street ornaments on the bottom of the tree and the breakable stuff up higher, though. I don't trust our boys at their age and with the fact that the tree will be in the living room, which is also their playroom they are in during the day.

  8. Oh my gosh they are just to cute. :) My girls are totally into the holiday season this year. They are loving the lights!!


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