Family Pictures

We had family pictures made several weeks ago, and I just realized I never posted any here.  They were taken around our downtown square, and I love how they turned out.  It was a bright, hot morning, but luckily, we finished in only about 30 minutes.  After pictures, Jeremy and I took the girls to the bakery for the first time.  They LOVED it.  Chocolate milk, donuts, and party cookies...who wouldn't love it? 

I forgot to run these pictures through Picnik to put a watermark on them, so if anyone gets any bright ideas about stealing my family's pictures, think again.  We will hunt you down and make you pay.  Thank you for your cooperation.  : )

As always, picture credits go to Ashley at Life's Mirror Images.


  1. What GREAT photos! I think I see a Daddy's girl in a couple of these ;)

  2. Those came out great! Forgive me for not being able to tell the difference between the girls, but I love the one where one is pulling the bow out of her sister's hair!

  3. Love it, all the pictures are beautiful.

  4. Beautiful pics - I love the one at the Coca Cola wall the best :)

    I've postponed our shoot as I want them walking so I can get cute walking pics with Daddy :)

  5. So cute!!! I am super impressed that you wore a dress. I am always so nervous about something showing that shouldn't...I give you credit!!!

  6. Love, Love the pictures!! Such precious memories. Your girls are adorable.


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