Weekend Pictures

This past weekend saw some absolutely beautiful weather, and we definitely made the most of it.  I kicked it off on Friday night with a bubble bath and Grey's Anatomy on the laptop (it was a safe distance from the water, of course)...which just might become a habit, I enjoyed it so much. 

Saturday, we all went to our friend Jackson's first birthday party.  No one wanted to waste the opportunity to be outside, so the party took place mostly in the backyard.  Addison and Mackenzie were fairly friendly and actually let a few people hold them.  They enjoyed eating graham crackers and birthday cake.  After seeing Mackenzie chow down on Jackson's cake, I don't think she will have a problem digging into hers in a couple of weeks!  When we got home, we just couldn't stand to stay in the house, so we went out to swing for awhile.  After that, I opened the door to the deck and let the girls play out there for awhile.  Addison had an especially good time picking up little sticks and leaves.  Mackenzie did too, but she got upset that I kept digging the acorns out of her mouth, terrible mom that I am. : )

As they explored, I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.  (Addison would be the one with the still-bruised head!)


Addison looks like such a big girl in this picture.  When did that happen??




They are climbing EVERYTHING lately.



Mackenzie, with the ever-present tongue.


I tried to get a picture of me with both girls, then I remembered why pictures like that are so rare!  I do think it's funny that in this picture we are all three holding our mouths the exact same way:


And this one is pretty decent:


Unfortunately, today was rainy and cold, but the rest of the week looks more promising.  I'm hoping for many more weekends like this one this spring.

Other items of note:  Just over a week until the big birthday!  That means it's just over two weeks until the par-tay.  These pictures have reminded me that I need a haircut before then--need to make that call tomorrow.  Don't you love that my blog also serves as my to-do list? 


  1. They both look so much like you! I have one permanently bruised child...people probably think I beat him, but he seriously does it to himself!

  2. You girls are getting so big! What a great picture of Mommy & her girls! Love fun weekends like that!

  3. Beautiful photos! Love the ones of the three of you. It is also very rare for me to be in any shots with my kiddos.

    And using your blog as a to-do list is just fine :-)

  4. Awww, those are super good pictures!!! :)

  5. They are their mama's daughters - love the one of mackenzie grinning.

    And yes, our blogs are our to-do lists too, except I keep saying "i must do this" and forget to write it down. I should do a sidebar thing like Rebecca has and put "things to blog" :)

  6. I laughed when you realized pictures together are so rare! So true! So true! I also L.O.V.E. the name Addison! Great twin name! (wink)

  7. Your girls are gorgeous...just like their mamma!!! Can't wait to hear all about their first birthday party! :)
    x x x x


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