A Day in Our Life

I haven't posted about our daily schedule in awhile, and life has changed a ton since the last time I mentioned it, I'm sure.  That's definitely for the better, as our days are a lot calmer these days.

Since it is time for an update, I'm playing along with Kelly for Show Us Your Life today.

A typical day in our house starts at 6:00 a.m.  Mackenzie has been waking up around 5:30, but I usually bring her back to bed with me, where she is content to snooze or "talk" to me until my alarm goes off at 6:00.  I think Addison has an internal alarm that goes off at 6:00 also, as she is usually just beginning to stir when I go back in to change them. 

Jeremy doesn't get home from work until about 2:00 a.m., so I'm on my own for the morning routine.  While I get ready for work, the girls play, jump in their jumparoos, have their morning bottles, and watch Baby Einstein or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I run back and forth between my bathroom and the playroom as I shower and do my makeup and hair.

I think they look like little ladies gossiping...Mackenzie (L) is telling Addison a good story.

We try to leave the house around 7:30.  Now that we live five minutes from my mom, that gives me plenty of time to grab some breakfast after I drop them off at her house.  (Some mornings that works out; other mornings, somebody needs a diaper change, etc. and we run a little behind.  Those are the days I eat peanut butter and crackers at my desk.)  The babies' general schedule for the morning goes something like this:  breakfast (baby food, yogurt, or bagel) around 8:30, 1-2 hour nap, and playtime.  They are not very good at napping in their cribs, so naps are usually on the Boppies on the couch with my mom sitting between them to make sure no one falls off!  Sometimes they have a late-morning bottle, though they seem to skip this more often lately, and they eat lunch (baby food, mostly) between 11 and 12.

Most days I go back to my mom's at lunch, and Jeremy is usually there by that time also.  We eat, visit with each other, and play with the babies for about an hour.  I go back to work and Jeremy leaves for work soon after.  The girls eat a snack if they act hungry, then play until they get sleepy.  They are offered another bottle, then usually take another nap.  The afternoon nap is a little more sporadic-the avereage is about an hour and fifteen minutes, but some days they don't take one at all. 

I get off work at 4:30, and I'm usually home with the girls by 5:00.  They play while I change and get their dinner ready.  Dinner for them lately consists of a variety of vegetables (fresh frozen-cooked in the microwave-individual pieces the girls can pick up and feed themselves), bagel torn into small pieces, 1-2 jars of baby food, and yogurt or fruit.  After dinner is bath time, which we do every night unless we go out to eat or something else out of routine.  Giving both girls a bath together is a lot of work, but it's much better than when I was bathing them individually!  We play in their bedroom as they get lotion and pajamas, then we settle on the couch for the last bottle of the evening.
Once they finish their bottles, we say prayers and I sing a short song as I put them in their beds (around 6:30-6:45).  Most nights, they are asleep within ten minutes, and sleep pretty peacefully until we begin again the next morning.  After Addison and Mackenzie are asleep, I make myself some dinner, clean up around the house, then check email, blog, watch tv, or read.  Bedtime for me is around 10:00--I'm such an old lady!  : )

Bath time is even more fun when Daddy is home.

Our days are routine, but we thrive on a schedule, and I love the day-to-day life with my little family.


  1. Just popping in from Multiples & More & saying 'Hello'. :)

  2. Your day is busy.

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. your day sounds heavenly - an hour at home for lunch!!!!

    Those caps are ever so cute - they DO look like little old ladies having a good old gossip :)

  4. Saw your comment and thought I'd stop by...

    Man! I can't believe I ever complain about my day, after reading about the non-stopness of yours. Good for you for surviving, although I bet survival is easier what ou have those two gorgeous faces to look at every day.

    Also, may I say I am impressed that you find time to apply makeup. I stay at home with my daughter and still barely wield a concealer stick. Sigh.


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